Ladies’ Darts League ready to begin new season

Arbroath and District Ladies’ Darts League

Division One

Thursday’s fixtures: Newgate (2) v Bowlers; Portcullis (2) v Lorne; Cliffburn (1) v Cricket Club; Ram’s Heid (1) v British Legion; Pageant v Newgate (3).

Division Two

Thursday’s fixtures: Burns v Letham; Millgate v Ram’s Heid (2); Newgate (1) v St Tam’s; Railway v Portcullis (1); Commercial (2) v L.B.C.

Division Three

Thursday’s fixtures: Abbey (1) v Commercial (1); Tutties (1) v Westport Bar; Central v Cliffburn (2); Letham Hotel v Tutties (2); Stag v Abbey (2).

Angus Trophy Centre Summer Darts League

Draw for the Hamilton Triples to be played on Monday (September 2) is as follows:

Portcullis: Legion 1 A - S Watson, C Watson, C Taylor and L Ritchie. Commercial B - D McKenzie (Snr), D McKenzie (Jnr), I McAllan and D Air. Millgate B - T Stranock, D Anderson, M Anderson and G Stranock. Legion 2 A - S Forsyth, D Cook, M Shepherd and W Henderson. Portcullis 2 B - N Wight, S Watson, J Myles and T Elliot. West Port Bar B - R Collier, R Falkner, D Steele and D Steele. Newgate A - S McCormack, G McDowell and K :Lavery. Stag B - S Smith, D Cargill, D Balfour and J Cockburn. Referee - M Shepherd.

Ram’s Heid: Station A - A Smith, R Baird, L Thomson and M Dell. Bowlers 2 B - B McDonald, A Burnett, T McLeod and T Shaw. Legion 2 B - A Bruce, D Hunter, T Paul and T Shepherd. Portcullis 2 A - D Bruce, J Elliot, G Christie and D Boath. Newgate C - J Smith, P Gillespie, S Falconer and S Reaney. Portcullis 1 B - S Nicoll, F Cook and C Bruce. Bowlers 2 B - J Duncan, T Hopkins, J Cowie and N Walker. Pageant 1 A - S Scragg, K Sanders, J Kidd and H Houorkova. Referee - T Shepherd.

Commercial: West Port Bar A - L Wilson, S Kerr, J Cooper and S Allerdice. Pageant 2 B - C Tosh, W Kidd, M Tosh and R Tosh. Corner A - G Findlay, I McKenzie, A Stott and D Rutherford. Portcullis 1 A - L Shepherd, S Cook and I Christie. Newgate B - D Falconer, M Barthorpw, E Smith and J Gillan. Abbey B - D Riddle, J Riddle, D Cooper and A Whitton. Newgare D - R Crosbie, S Robertson and P Falconer. Commercial A - B Geddes, G Soutar, G Dunsmore and S Berrie. Referee B Geddes.

Legion: Stag C - J Jackson, K McMillan, R Cartlige and P Wiltosz. Stag A - K Buick, J Tasker, J Cargill and J Kearnen. Millgate A - G McKenzie, D Cameron, M Smith and G Millar. Station B - C Dell, E Will, I McGowan and K Docherty. Abbey A - D Simpson, C Simpson, E Jones and J Balfour. Bowlers 2 A - M Wilkie, M Gray, E Green and R Baker. Cliffburn A - L Hutchison, W Whitson, L Tait and J Burnett. Bowlers 1 A - J Soutar, K Miller, K Miller and D Barthope Referee C Dell. Referee M Gray.

Two teams qualify from each venue.

Play-off date


The Second Division play-off between the Corner and Tutties will be played on Wednesday (September 4) in Bowlers.

All results are to be sent by tex to M. Shepherd on 07719160033.