Knock-out Cup first round results

THE FIRST round of Arbroath and District Darts League’s Knock-out Cup competition was played on Monday evening.

Results were: Station (2) 6, Bowlers (2) 21; St Tam’s 21, Station (1) 6; Commercial (A) 18, Cliffburn (1) 9; Corner 17, Lorne 10; Fishermans (2) 22, Millgate 5; Commercial (L) 14, Bowlers (1) 13; Ram’s Heid 4, Abbey 23; Newgate (2) 14, Legion 13.

180s: B. Beattie, A. Soutar, C. Jones, C. Dell, K. Whyte, G. Will, D Mckenzie (jnr), G. Walls (jnr), and D. Falconer.

17 darts or less: 12 darts - G. Will; 16 darts - G. Walls (jnr)/N. Mchardy, D. Anderson; 17 darts - A. Soutar (twice).

High checkouts: J. Riddell, 124; K. Lavery, 112; J. Balfour, 111.

Premier League

Fixtures: Station (2), bye; Newgate (2) v St Tam’s; Abbey v Newgate (1); Fishermans (2) v Fishermans (1); Bowlers (2) v Commercial (L).

First Division

Fixtures: Portcullis (2), bye; Portcullis (1) v West Port (1); Lorne v Bowlers (3) ; Cliffburn (1) v Bowlers (1); Commercial (A) v Corner.

Second Division

Fixtures: Station (1), bye; West Port (2) v Ram’s Heid; Bowlers (4) v Pageant; Cliffburn (2) v Millgate; Legion v Cliffburn (3).

Football cards

All first football cards must be handed to Davie Bruce at the Portcullis on Monday, December 17. Please hand in your £10 and also the card if not already thrown away.

Colin Watt will collect all competition entry forms on Monday, December 17, and will be in Newgate from 6.30 p.m. Please ignore the darts calendar which shows the venue for handing these in as Bowlers. They are to come only to Newgate.

Finals night

Venues which are interested in staging finals night should note that a written note of interest should be handed to any committee member by January 8, 2013. The donation for staging finals night this year will be £350. For more information contact Colin Watt on 07875517899.