Knock-out Cup draw

THE LAST 16 round of Arbroath and District Pool League’s Knock-out Cup competition takes place on Tuesday with the usual sign-in time of 8 p.m. Winning teams from this round will remain in the Knock-out Cup whereas losing teams will go on to the Consolation Cup.

Teams which do not honour these fixtures will be removed from the draw for the Consolation Cup. Format for the cup games is as always nine singles and four doubles.

It is the responsibility of the home captain to ‘phone or text the result to the match secretary.

The draw is as follows: Ram’s Heid (1) v Burns Bar (2); Stag v Pageant; Railway Inn (1) v Cliffburn (1); Letham Hotel (1) v Legion (3); Burns Bar (1) v Portcullis (1); Bowlers v Portcullis (2); Fishermans (1) v St Tams; West Port Bar v Ram’s Heid (2).

Cliffburn Singles

The inaugural Cliffburn Singles received 83 entries meaning 19 preliminary matches are required to whittle the field down to 64. Players should note that there are three sign-in times dependent on where players are in the draw. All matches in the early rounds will be best of five.

Time permitting, the races may increase in later rounds. The competition will start promptly at 10 a.m.

The full draw and sign in times are as follows:

Preliminary round: 1, Ryan Mackenzie v Andy Braid; 2, Kevin Brown v Gareth Ruxton; 3, Jim Keernan v Richard Paterson; 4, Colin Smith v Stuart Smith; 5, George Fairweather v Brian Meikle; 6, Dean Anderson v Gordon Smith; 7, Willie Whitson v Davy Jack; 8, Michael Bastow v Mark McGlashan; 9, Pam Twaddle v Dean Smith; 10, Scott Nicoll v Paul Duncan; 11, Mark Crozier v Sean Harwick; 12, Ally Thomson v Garry Duff; 13, Craig Humphries v Scott Teviotdale; 14, James Tough v Stuart Campbell; 15, Gary McLeish v Gary Craig; 16, Phil Bowman v Ricky Dewars; 17, Calum Paton v Peem Twaddle; 18, John Fotheringham v Chris Hardwick; 19, James Jackson v Steve Reid.

Last 64: 20, Craig Johnson v Christian Watt; 21, Alan Doyle v David Williams; 22, Euan Sharpe v Dave Smith; 23, George Robertson v Steve Hallam; 24, Jonathan Cargill v Sandy McAllan; 25, Martin Cherry v Alex Cargill; 26, Steven Scott v Danny Mudie; 27, John Maud v Alan Reid; 28, Derek Cooper v Kenny McMillan; 29, Scott MacEwan v Kevin Watt; 30, Garry Mitchell v Craig Fairweather; 31, Conor Warren v Chris Gray; 32, Paul Curran v Graham Dunbar; 33, Josh Longmuir v Colin Brown; 34, Bruce Wallace v Sam McWalter; 35, James Dear v Tam Twaddle; 36, Tam Walkinshaw v Brian Craig; 37, Ian Anderson v Steve Webster; 38, Steve Hamilton v Roy Middleton; 39, Dale Leith v Tam Shepherd; 40, Bob Whitelaw v Greg Alexander; 41, Luke Lawson v Shane Twaddle; 42, Alex Whyte v winner match 19.

Signing in times are: matches 1 to 12 - 10 a.m.; matches 13 to 24 - 11.30 a.m.; matches 25 to 42 - 1 p.m.

Charity four-man event

The qualifying round for the annual Arbroath and District Pool League charity four-man team competition will be held on Tuesday, March 13. No league pool will take place on this date.

Teams which qualify will then go on to the four-man team finals day on Sunday, March 25. The venue is still to be confirmed.

Entry remains at £10 per team with a maximum of four players per team. To allow the draw to be carried out in advance the deadline for entries will be this coming Tuesday (March 6), with entries to be handed in to the Ram’s Heid by 7 p.m. that night for the attention of the match secretary/treasurer.

Last year some 26 teams entered with the qualifying teams having an enjoyable day out at the finals day. This is the pool league’s chance to give something to a chosen charity (to be confirmed) and it is hoped as many players as possible will support the event.

Kelbie Metals Doubles

The draw for the last 32 of this year’s Arbroath and District Pool League Kelbie Metals Doubles competition has been made. Ties are to be played on Wednesday (March 7).

Sign in time is 8 p.m. and format is best of five frames. There are to be four pairs with two qualifiers from every venue. Lag the first frame only then alternative breaks. Controllers to ‘phone or text the qualifiers’ names to the match secretary.

In the event of an unavailable partner, players can take a new partner provided that the player is registered for a team within Arbroath and District Pool League and they have not yet played in the competition. Partners who require such a name change must notify the match secretary.

Referees to be in place for all matches.

The draw is as follows:

Burns Bar: Greg Alexander*/Gordon Dickson; George Fairweather/Mark McGlashan; Neil Walker/Kevin Miller; Chris Gray/James Balfour.

Cliffburn: Davie Williams*/Dean Anderson; Neil Davidson/Stuart Fraser; Stephen Humphreys/Craig Humphreys; Shane Twaddle/Tam Twaddle.

Legion (bar): Wayne Robertson/Jamie Robertson; Jeff Barthorpe/Lindsay Palser*; George McKiddie/Kenny Dowds; Steve Webster/Ian Anderson.

Legion (darts): Brian Craig/Bobby Bell; Sam McWalter/John Maud; Gary McLeish/Tam Walkinshaw*; Dale Leith/Nic Van Rijn.

Portcullis (bar): Allan Burns/Garry Craig; Walter Preston/Alex Whyte; Nicky Williams/Graham McLeod; Paddy Nicoll/Garry Mitchell*.

Portcullis (darts): Steve Reid/Kevin Brown; Ally Herald/Sean Barker; Dave Penny/Richard Low; Martin Cherry*/Steve Hamilton.

Ram’s Heid (bar): Alan Doyle/Ian Baker; Andy Braid/Phil Bowman; Steven Neave/Martyn Vance; Roy Middleton*/John Fotheringham.

Ram’s Heid (kitchen): Craig Fairweather/Grant Forsyth; Kent Mitchell/Nevada Mitchell; Barrie Watt/Gareth Ruxton; Euan Sharpe*/Steve Hardwick.

* denotes controller

SPA Grassroots

All those wishing to enter this year’s SPA Grassroots competition must hand their entry form and fee into the Ram’s Heid by 7 p.m. tonight (Friday) for the attention of Roy Middleton.