Kelbie Metals Singles tops the agenda


LEAGUE pool takes a break on Tuesday to allow this year’s Kelbie Metals Singles last 128 to take place.

There is a strict sign-in time of 8 p.m.. Controllers to ‘phone/text the scores to the usual pool number.

There will be four matches at each venue providing four qualifiers. All matches are best of five frames. Lag the first frame and alternative break from then onwards.

Referees to be in place for all matches. Upon completion of the first match it will be the winners who will referee the following match.

* denotes controller.

The draw is as follows:

Bowlers: Jim Ogilvie, Tam Shepherd*, Chris Hardwick, Nevada Mitchell, Mark McGlashan, Christian Watt, Garry Duff, Kevin Brown.

Burns Bar: Walter Preston, Richard Crowder, Alan Reid, Greg Alexander*, Craig Humphreys, Richard Anthistle, Martin Caird, Neil Walker.

Cliffburn 1: Euan Sharpe, Ian Anderson, Dean Anderson, Kyle Scott, Gordon Smith*, Shane Twaddle, Steve Hallam, Kenny McMillan.

Cliffburn 2: Tam Twaddle, Seonaid Wishart, Drew Johnston, Gordon Taylor, Ryan MacKenzie*, Kris Cameron, Michael Shore, Ryan Diplexcito.

Cliffburn 3: Stewart Kerr, Gavin Cargill, Garry Craig, Jim Rennie, Pamela Twaddle, Scott Teviotdale, Craig Fairweather*, Chris Hodgens.

Cliffburn 4: Josh Longmuir, Jamie Robertson, Steven Scott, Barrie Watt*, Brian Meikle, Jim Falconer, James Dear, Dave Barthorpe.

Fishermans: Colin Brown, Dave Penny, Wayne Robertson, Colin Smith, Scott Ord, Martin Cherry*, Ricky Dewars, Alan Burns.

Legion (bar): Bobby Bell, Sean Hardwick, Steve Neave, Steve Hamilton, Gary McLeish, Drew Webster, Steve Webster*, Tam Walkinshaw.

Legion (darts): Mark Donald, Gordon Dickson, Steve Reid, Kevin Gordon, Andy Milne, Steve Hardwick*, Dave McFarlane, Martyn Vance.

Portcullis (bar): Jeff Barthorpe, Kevin Watt, George Fairweather*, Bob Whitelaw, Graeme Howe, Bruce Wallace, James Cowie, Grant Forsyth.

Portcullis (darts): John Maud, Andy Jolly, Alan Doyle, Tam Comrie, Donald Kennedy, Davie Williams*, Matt Smith, Phil Bowman.

Ram’s Heid (bar): Kent Mitchell, Stuart Fraser, Callum Paton, Lee Strachan, Jim Elliot, Scott MacEwan*, Nic Van Rijn, Bobby Din.

Rams Heid (kitchen): Roy Middleton*, Connor Warren, David Jack, Wayne Jarvie, Luke Lawson, Danny Mudie, Craig Johnston, Stephen Humphreys.

Stag: Craig Brown, Ian Baker, Davie Hughes, Neil Davidson, Mark Gray, Stuart Smith, Gary Stewart, Jonathan Cargill*.

Station: Alex Cargill, James Twaddle, Andy Braid*, Alex Whyte, John Fotheringham, Brian Craig, Willie Whitson, Garry Mitchell.

West Port Bar: Gareth Ruxton, Lindsay Palser, Paul Kelly, Graham Dunbar*, Liam Buchan, Dale Leith, Paddy Nicoll, Nomie Braes.

Arbroath & District Pool League

Sidey Division One

Results: Railway Inn (1) 6, Burns Bar (1) 6; Ram’s Heid (1) 4, Fishermans (2) 8; Letham (1) 9, Legion (3) 3; Portcullis (1) 11, Portcullis (3) 1; Portcullis (2) 4, Cliffburn (1) 8; Legion (1) 5, Ram’s Heid (2) 7.

Division Two

Results: Bowlers 7, Legion (2) 5; Cliffburn (2) 5, Letham (2) 7; St Tams 6, Pageant 6; Stag 7, Railway Inn (2) 5; Fishermans (1) 0, Station 12; Burns Bar (2) 7, West Port 5.

Scotch Doubles

The finals for the Arbroath and District Pool League Scotch Doubles will be played tomorrow (Saturday) at the Portcullis with a sign in time of 11 a.m. The draw for the event will be carried out shortly after the sign in-time.

There are still a couple of spaces available and therefore any teams wishing to enter can still do so by contacting the match secretary on the usual pool number. Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Entry remains at £4 per pair.

SPA Grassroots

The Scottish Pool Association has announced the entry deadline for this years Scottish Grassroots, which is the SPA meeting on March 4. This event is run in a similar fashion to the IMs and Scottish Singles with the SPA carrying out the draw and then the players arranging their own matches between themselves at a time/venue etc that suits both players. These matches will be best of 11 frames.

The number of qualifiers to the national finals is determined on a pro-rata basis once all entries are received. The more entries the Arbroath League receives, then the higher the number of qualifiers it will get. As a guide, Arbroath had 60 entries last year and received 13 qualifiers.

The national finals will be held at the Red Triangle, Cumbernauld, over the weekend of May 26/27. Entry remains at £5 per player with the SPA also adding an additional £500 to the prize pot above all entries.

The deadline for Arbroath entries is Friday, March 2, to allow collation for the SPA meeting on the Sunday.

Tayside Singles

The Tayside Singles was played on Saturday at the Cliffburn Hotel and the final was contested by Jimmy Pollock, Dundee, and Iain Soutar, Montrose. This was a re-run of the 2007 final, which Jimmy won. Iain was looking to inflict a defeat on his opponent and avenge that 2007 defeat. Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be Iain’s day as he found Jimmy in exceptional form and he ran out a 4-0 winner taking the £200 top prize, for his efforts. Iain took home the £100 runner-up prize.