Ian Jolly wins Fishies Open

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THE FISHIES Open was played on Saturday in the Fishermans Inn, Arbroath.

After a full afternoon of darts the final was contested by Allan Begg and Ian Jolly. Allan had the better of Ian in the early exchanges but his opponent’s experience and consistency proved to be the key and Ian won the match 4-3. Allan had chances to take the match but failed to capitalise.

Amanda Smith of Total Darts Promotions was commended by several players for her organisation and the smooth running of the competition. Thanks were extended to Bev and all the staff at the Fishermans for a great day of hospitality.

Winter League

The Winter League will open on Monday, October 24.

There will also be a captains’ meeting on Monday, October 18, to issue pub packs and New Blade 4 Dartboards. The provisional leagues have been put online but these will be finalised at the October committee meeting.

Committee meeting

There will be a full committee meeting on Wednesday, October 5, at 7 p.m. in the Abbey Lounge.

Angus County squad

Players who have been selected to play for Angus during the 2011 - 12 season are reminded that individual player sponsorship should be paid in to the treasurer, Tania McAreavey, by Saturday, October 8.

Letters have been sent out to the players for the Grampian game. The first county game of the season Angus v Grampian will be played at The Red Lion Holiday Park on Saturday, October 8.

Arbroath and District Ladies’ Darts League

(sponsored by Arkive)

Division One

RESULTS: Pageant (1) 5, Bowlers 7; Portcullis (1) 4, Fisherman’s 8; Cliffburn (1) 2, Cricket Club 10; Millgate (1) 5, British Legion 7; Ram’s Heid (1) 6, Portcullis (2) 6.

Thursday’s fixtures: Portcullis (1) v Bowlers; Cliffburn (1) v Pageant (1); Millgate (1) v Fisherman’s; Ram’s Heid (1) v Cricket Club; Pageant (2) v British Legion; free week, Portcullis (2).

Division Two

Results: Burns (1) 7, Letham 5; Letham Hotel 7, Millgate (2) 5; L.B.C. 7, St Tam’s 5; Tutties 4, Railway 8; Lorne 7, Burns (2) 5.

Thursday’s fixtures: Letham Hotel v Letham; L.B.C. v Burns (1); Tutties v Millgate (2); Burns (2) v St Tam’s; Lorne v Railway.

Division Three

Results: Abbey (1) 5, Ram’s Heid (2) 7; Commercial 7, Cliffburn (2) 5; Foundry 4, Station 8; Ship 7, Stag 5; West Port Bar 7, Abbey (2) 5.

Thursday’s fixtures: Commercial v Ram’s Heid (2); Foundry v Abbey (1); Ship v Cliffburn (2); Abbey (2) v Station; West Port Bar v Stag.

Angus Trophy Centre Summer League


Knock-out Cup final - Legion 1 6, Burns Bar 7.

D. Falconer had a 180 and a 160 finish.

Consolation Cup final - Portcullis 8, Millgate 5.

Singles competition

Ram’s Heid – G. Walls, snr., I. McAllan, Scott Watson, H. Gray, W. Crosbie, C. Watson, J. Riddell, P. Myatt, D. McKenzie, jnr., S. Berrie, C. Tosh, W. Scott, D. McKenzie, snr., D. Smith, J. Ferguson, C. Innes. Referee – C. Tosh.

Lorne – W. Henderson, M. Cook, M. Barthorpe, J. Roy, R. Cobb, G. MacDougall, M. Sinclair, M. Hamilton, K. Wood, N. Wight, C. Taylor, P. Falconer, M. McPhail, M. Green, S. Forsyth. Referee – P. Falconer.

Abbey – M. Gray, S. Fairweather, J. McIntosh, L. Tait, Stuart Watson, J. Short, R. Crosbie, S. Kerr, J. Myles, J. Duncan, L. Russell, M. Craig, G. Dunsmore, T. Stranock, S. Simpson, M. Hume. Referee – M. Gray.

Central – D. Roy, K. Swankie, P. Guthrie, C. Dell, N. McHardy, G. Gordon, M. Angus, K. Lavery, A. Begg, A. Findlay, B. Geddes, L. Thomson, S. Smith, S. Reaney, D. Bruce. Referee – B. Geddes.

Pageant – D. Boath, S. Cornam, Martin Shepherd, L. Wilson, M. Taylor, S. Mitchell, N. Guthrie, C. Ross, W. Radunski, J. Hajea, C. Simpson, M. McMillan, B. McDonald, D Hunter. Referee – M. Shepherd.

Bowlers – G. McKenzie, J. Cockburn, J. Smith, G. Will, M. Carle, P. Cook, K. Watt, A. Culley, I. McGowan, S. Cook, M. Tosh, A. Bruce, G. Christie, K. Buick, D. Pedgrift. Referee – G. Christie.

Millgate – W. Whitson, L. Ritchie, A. Whitton, S. Lavery, W. Kidd, S. Guthrie, S. McCormack, E. Smith, J. Sievwright, S. Stewart, Mark Shepherd, A. Burnett, M. Farquharson, A. Falconer, J. Balfour. Referee – M. Shepherd.

Portcullis – S. Barclay, S. Allerdice, D. Cook, J. Culley, A. Cook, D. Air, J. Gillan, G. Whyte, G. Stranock, T. Hopkins, snr., D. Riddell, J. Tough, T. Hopkins, jnr., G. Walls, jnr., P. Whyte.

Qualifiers to be sent by text to M. Shepherd on 07719160033

Finals night is to held in the Cliffburn Hotel on Saturday, October 29.

Could all trophies be returned to B. Geddes as soon as possible.