Good sport at Rescobie

THE FISHING at Rescobie Loch has picked up again after a short period in the doldrums. Limit baskets and smiling faces once more.

Some really good blue trout have been giving a few lucky anglers a bit of extraordinary sport and some excellent browns have been weighed in.

W. Johnston (Blairgowrie) held out to take August’s ‘Fish of the Month’ with his 9lb 8oz rainbow. Fish of the Month for September is so far tied with G. Cheetham (Monifieth) and J. Shepherd (Forfar) both weighing in 9lb rainbows.

Other possible contenders were: C. Martin (Dundee) with a brown of 7lbs 8ozs, T. Hale (Forfar) a rainbow of 6lbs 8ozs and Mr Joe (Dundee) came within ounces of getting on the leaderboard with a fine 8lbs 12ozs rainbow in his four for 18lbs 8ozs.

The fish are still well up in the water and are responding to most lures, traditionals and buzzers. There are no particular hot spots with fish being taken from all over the loch.

Some recent bank successes were: D. Scott (Dundee) four for 8lbs, G. Smith (Arbroath) four for 8lbs 8ozs, G. Burnett (Arbroath) four for 10lbs 8ozs, F. Keith (Dundee) four for 11lbs 4ozs, S. Thomson (Arbroath) four for 9lbs 8ozs and J. Moseley (Arbroath) four for 11lbs.

From the boats: H. Anderson (Dundee) four for 8lbs, P. Nicoll (Forfar) four for 9lbs 4ozs, B. Garthlay (Dundee) four for 15lbs 8ozs, A. Taylor (Forfar) four for 7lbs 8oz, A. Smith (Dundee) four for 10lbs, A. Paterson (Brechin) four for 8lbs 4ozs, P. Greig (Dundee) four for 10lbs and A. Fyall (Arbroath) four for 17lbs 4ozs.