Good returns at Rescobie

EXCELLENT sport has been had at Rescobie Loch of late with quite a few blues being taken. Whilst they are only around the two pound mark when you hook one you know all about it. They put up a fantastic fight, similar; it is said, to a sea trout.

Hare’s lug, Kate McLaren and buzzers are taking a lot of fish with cat’s whisker and damsels also doing quite well. They are still lying down a bit but some rises are still being witnessed when that chill east wind drops.

Neil Husker’s 8lb 8oz rainbow has been knocked off the ‘Gow’s Fish of the Month’ leaderboard by R. Gray (Montrose) with one at 10lb 11oz which held on until the end of the month. Some other decent fish coming off were: G. Smith (Arbroath) 6lbs, R. Fraser (Letham) 7lbs, S. McGregor (Arbroath) 7lb 4oz, C. Thornton (Montrose) 7lbs and R. Low (Carnoustie) 6lb 12oz. None member B. Taylor (Buckie) had one at 11lb 12oz.

Some recent bank successes were: C. Munro (Forfar) four for 9lb 8oz, J.McFarlane (Kirriemuir) four for 10lb 8oz, S. Thomson (Arbroath) four for 10lb, R. Kilhams (Forfar) four for 8lb 12oz, W. Massie (Forfar) four for 10lb 8oz and G. Gall (Arbroath) four for 8lb 8oz.

From the boats: L. Anderson (Invergowrie) four for 10lb, D. Blythe (Lour) four for 9lb 12oz, G. Austin (Errol) four for 14lb 8oz, K. Shepherd (Forfar) four for 12lb 8oz, M. Stobbs (Carnoustie) four for 11lb, A. Turner (Forfar) four for 8lb 12oz, R. Ferguson (Forfar) four for 10lb 8oz, J. Westland (Montrose) four for 9lb, A. Patterson (Brechin) four for 8lb 4oz and D. Robertson (Brechin) four for 8lb.