Fund-raising ‘Royal Rumble’

ARBROATH and District Pool League has agreed to continue with an annual fund-raising event. In previous years a ‘Royal Rumble’ has been held and it has been decided to continue with this format.

This year’s fund-raiser will be held at the Cliffburn Hotel on Tuesday, December 18. All those wishing to enter will be required to sign-in at the hotel by 7.45 p.m. to ensure a start at 8 p.m. prompt.

Last year also saw three-man Speedpool played, with the teams drawn at random. This was well received by all the players involved and will also be played again this year.

This is a fantastic opportunity for everyone to have a break from league pool and have a fun evening, whilst also help raise funds for the ADPL.

Knock-out Cup

First round Knock-out Cup results are as follows:

Railway (1) 7, Cliffburn (2) 6; Portcullis (3) 6, West Port Bar (1) 7; St Tam’s 6, Letham (1) 7; West Port Bar (2) 7, Bowlers 6; Abbey 4, Ram’s Heid (1) 9; Fishermans 6, Legion (3) 7; Legion (2) 6, Station (1) 7; Stag 7, Legion (1) 6.

The winning teams now progress to the last 16 of the competition. The draw for this will be announced in due course.

Division One

Fixtures: Abbey v Portcullis (1); Legion (1) v Ram’s Heid (2); Newgate v Letham (1); Portcullis (2) v Railway (1); Ram’s Heid (1) v Cliffburn (1); Stag v Station (1).

Division Two

Fixtures: Cliffburn (2) v St Tam’s; Legion (2) v Bowlers; Letham (2) v West Port (2); Railway (2) v Legion (3); Station (2) v Fishermans; West Port (1) v Portcullis (3).

Results should be texted or ‘phoned to the match secretary by the captain of the home team upon completion of the match.

Individual Membership series

The entry deadline (including £30 fees and contact email information) for the Individual Membership 2013 series is tomorrow (Saturday). Players who do not meet this deadline will miss out on the IM Series for 2013.

Any interested players should contact Michael Bastow in the first instance for more information or visit the SPA website at

Committee meeting

There will be a committee meeting in the Royal British Legion Scotland clubrooms on Monday (December 3) at 7.30 p.m. Full committee attendance is requested.