Former member’s club visit

2013 to date has been a very busy and successful year for the members of Arbroath’s Brothock Shotokan Karate Club.

The first main event of the year was in March when the club participated in the combined Japan Karate Association, United Kingdom Traditional Karate Federation UK Championships held in Paisley. Brothock won a total of 15 medals in the Senior, Cadet and Junior events. Former club student Erika Barker won the Kawasoe Cup for the third year running.

In April Instructors Billy Wales, Martin Cracknell and Jason Middleton travelled to Windsor for the annual JKA / UKTKF Spring Course. Course Instructors were Senseis Kawasoe, Mori, and Naka.

Club member Daniel Fry successfully passed his Black Belt 1st Dan under the watchful eyes of Sensei Kawasoe 8th Dan and Mori 8th Dan at last years summer camp. Daniel’s certificate arrived from Japan and was presented to him at a ceremony held at the club Dojo

The Afro Euro Asian Championships were held in Paisley on May 11. The event ran very smoothly. A fund-raising course was held at the Brothock Dojo at East Grimsby to raise money to help hold this event. A course with Billy Wales, Martin Cracknell, and guest instructor Gordon Paterson, from Montrose Tora Kai Karate Club, raised £150. Scotia Gas Networks have generously offered to match the £150. Therefore a grand total of £300 was raised

The second Sensei Kawasoe course and grading examination of 2013 was held on Sunday, June 2, in Perth, bringing the total of students who have successfully passed a grading examination this year to 47.

The club held its annual Barbeque at Monikie Wildlife Park on Sunday, July 27. The event was well organised and nearly one hundred folk attended. The event raised approximately £350 for club funds. Thanks were extended to the social committee for organising this event.

Eleven members headed off too Hong Kong and Zhaoqing in China for two weeks on Saturday.

Derek Buick, a former Brothock Shotokan Karate Club student, now lives and teaches English at the British Education Centre in China. Derek teaches English to approximately 300 students, and has opened a Karate Club in Zhaoquing.

Derek’s club is growing and he has invited Brothock Club Instructors Billy Wales and Ross Watson out to teach at the club’s first annual karate training camp. The two week visit agenda includes five days karate, some sightseeing and sampling some Chinese martial arts. It is hoped the cultural exchange can be developed further.

Brothock Shotokan Karate Club hold classes in Arbroath and Forfar. Anyone interested in starting Karate should contact 07713161103.