Footers on form


Arbroath Footers

Arbroath Footers have been busy competing in local races in the last few weeks.

On Sunday seven Footers ran the Forfar 10km.

Windy conditions made the second half challenging. Times were Andrew Hartley 38.39, Chris Elliott 47.32, Pamela Brandie 48.43, Tina Fowler 54.50, Lisa Lawrence 54.54, Christine Davies 59.19 and Heidi Phipps 63.19.

The ladies were placed third in team event.

Ian Beattie, Chris Elliott, Gillian Sangster and Jagoda Penkala completed the recent Tour of Fife. The event consists of five races over five consecutive days. Gillian was first lady, having a clear lead from the first race.

Six Footers ran the Dundee Half Marathon in favourable conditions. 
Times were Andrew Hartley 1.22.19, Dave Thompson 1.28.03, Gillian Sangster 1.28.33 (PB and 1st vet), Christine Davies 2.14.57, Lynn Hastie 2.15.24 and Mary Towns 2.21.15.

Footers also ran the Stonehaven Half Marathon. Times were Ian Beattie 1.31.13, Linsey Burnett 2.07.37, Tina Fowler 2.12.54 and Mary Towns 2.23.48.

Footers meet on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 6.30 p.m. at the Saltire Leisure Centre. Also on Thursdays at 7 p.m. at the Sports Centre.