Five-Man Team competition at Pettycur Bay

THIS year’s Scottish Pool Association (SPA) Five-Man Team event will be held at Pettycur Bay, Kinghorn, Fife, over the weekend of October 26, 27 and 28. Accommodation costs are £36 per player.

The entry is £50 per team, which can have up to six players with a maximum of one category A player and one category B player or two category B players. The categories are stipulated by the SPA and players can check on the SPA website for their category. There is an upper limit on the number of teams that can attend which is 48 at the moment. Places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Entry fees and accommodation costs must be paid by Friday, June 29. Players can contact Michael Bastow to arrange payment.

It is strongly suggested that team entry fees are gathered before they commit to this event, as teams are liable for the entry fee as a minimum once they are submitted, regardless of the reasons should they pull-out.

Scottish Singles

A lot of players have hung up their cues for the summer. However, the Scottish Singles entry deadline for Arbroath is Friday, June 29. This will allow collation of entries which must be handed in at the SPA meeting on Sunday, July 1.

Entry remains at £5 per player with a guaranteed prize fund of £5,000. Entries can be handed to Michael Bastow direct or handed in to the Ram’s Heid in a sealed envelope for his attention. If you drop it into the Ram’s please text or call Michael to let him know you have done so. Players should note, even though this event is several months away, after the deadline for entries has passed no further entries can be taken, as per the SPA rules.

This event will have a local qualifier (drawn by the SPA) and players will be free to arrange their own matches (similar to IMs and Scottish Grassroots). On that note, in a similar vein to the Scottish Grassroots, the more entries received at local level will enhance the final number of qualifying spaces at the national finals.

The national finals will be held over the weekend of October 20 and 21 at the Erskine Bridge Hotel, Erskine, Renfrewshire, PA8 6AN.

Summer Pool League

Group A

Results: Scott MacEwan 5, Danny Mudie 1; Jim Falconer 3, Richard Paterson 5; Gareth Ruxton 1, Tam Walkinshaw 5; Conor Warren v Kent Mitchell, postponed.

Fixtures: Cliffburn 3 - Tam Walkinshaw v Danny Mudie; Jim Falconer v Kent Mitchell. Ram’s Heid - Gareth Ruxton v Richard Paterson; Conor Warren v Scott MacEwan.

Group B

Results: Greg Alexander 5, Drew Webster 4; Kyle Scott 2, Alex Whyte 5; Wayne Green 4, Sam McWalter 5; Craig Johnston 0, Paddy Nicoll 5.

Fixtures: Portcullis 1 - Sam McWalter v Drew Webster; Kyle Scott v Paddy Nicoll. Portcullis 2 - Wayne Green v Alex Whyte; Craig Johnston v Greg Alexander.

Group C

Results: Brian Craig 4, Jim Dear 5; Steve Hamilton v Jonathan Cargill, postponed; Garry Craig 2, Gordon Dickson 5; Sean Hardwick 5, Michael Bastow 3.

Fixtures: Legion - Gordon Dickson v Jim Dear; Steve Hamilton v Michael Bastow. Burns Bar - Garry Craig v Jonathan Cargill; Sean Hardwick v Brian Craig.

Group D

Results: Graham Dunbar v Gary McLeish, postponed; John Maud 5, Gavin Cargill 4; Walter Preston 5, Steve Reid 3; Kevin Brown 5, Craig Fairweather 3. No fixtures this week.

Group E

Fixtures: Cliffburn 1 - Martin Cherry v Jeff Barthorpe; Alan Reid v Ricky Dewars. Cliffburn 2 - Dean Anderson v Kenny McMillan; Ryan MacKenzie v Paul Duncan.

Players to sign in at the venue by 8 p.m. First match on is first listed. Races to five. Players to referee own matches, any disputes please contact Michael Bastow or Graham Dunbar. Any players who do not show without contacting their opponent will forfeit the match and will be deducted one point.

Players should note it is the winner’s responsibility to text/’phone the score to Michael Bastow on 07921 722 033 upon completion of the match. Please ensure scores are texted upon conclusion of the tie, and note that frame difference is being used this year so exact scores are essential.

Portcullis table 1, nearest bar; Portcullis table 2, nearest dartboards; Ram’s Heid, nearest kitchen.