Fishermans (2) victorious in the Knock-out Cup

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FISHERMAN’S (2) won the Red Lion Holiday Park Knock-out Cup 17-9 on aggregate after defeating Burns Bar (1) 8-5 in the second leg played on Monday night.

180 – B. Beattie.

Low legs: 15 darts - D. Craig; 16 darts - A. Soutar and B. Beattie and B. Dall (double).

Premier Division

Fixtures: Burns Bar (1) v Portcullis (1); Fisherman’s (2) v St Thomas; Newgate v Burns Bar (2).

First Division

Fixtures: Abbey (1) v Fisherman’s (1); Legion (1) v Lorne; Ram’s Heid v Abbey (2).

Second Division

Fixtures: Station Bar v Legion (2); Portcullis (2) v Commercial (L); Bowlers v Tutties.


All the latest results, fixtures and league tables can be found at

180 competition

This season’s 180 competition for the Air Memorial Trophy will be played on Monday, May 23, at The Red Lion Holiday Park.

Players should sign in with the committee by 7 p.m. Toe the oche 7.30 p.m.

A list of the players who have qualified can be viewed on the darts website.

Finals night

Finals night will start slightly earlier this year due to the high number of events to be played. Players should register at the Red Lion Holiday Park at 6 p.m. with a view to start the first event - the quarter finals of the Stevie Dall Trophy - at 6.30 p.m.

Angus Singles 2011

Angus Darts Association will host a new singles competition for men and women on Saturday, June 25, at The Red Lion Holiday Park, Arbroath. Entry is £3 on the day and all monies in will be paid out in prizes. Only Angus affiliated players are entitled to enter so Arbroath and District Ladies Darts League players will not be eligible.

Women’s Super League

The teams have been drawn up for the start of the Angus Women’s Super League and the opening fixture will be played on Thursday, May 26, at The Neptune Bar, Montrose. The two team captains are Angie Isbister and Amanda Smith who will be in contact with the players soon.

Scottish Singles

The national singles finals take place at Bannockburn Miners Welfare Club tomorrow (Saturday). All Angus players who have qualified are reminded that the event starts at 12.30 p.m. and trousers and shoes must be worn. The draw can be viewed online at

Arbroath Ladies’ Darts League

THE DRAW for the Charity Shield, to be played on Thursday, May 12, is as follows. Players sign in for 7.45 p.m.

Play down to two at each venue. Telephone results to 854782.

Pageant: P. Cook, Fisherman’s; I. Crosbie, Burns (1); L. McConnachie, Burns (1); M. Coutts, Station; J. Black, St Thomas (1); B. Smith, Fisherman’s; S. Pedgrift, Cricket Club; J. Falconer, Portcullis (2); A. Higgins, Bowlers; B. Fulton, Tutties; S. Buick, Fisherman’s.

Referee, Susan Buick.

Fisherman’s: G. Anderson, Cricket Club; C. Shand, Tutties; J. Milne, Pageant (1); S. Garden, St Thomas (1); M. Barthorpe, Ship; A. Findlay, Portcullis (2); L. Reid, Station; J. Lowson, Pageant (1); K. Docherty, Pageant (2); E. Smith, St Thomas (1); M. Green, St Thomas (1).

Referee, Moe Green.

St Thomas: E. Green, Bowlers; L. Maitland, Ship; P. McCann, Burns (1); E. Lyall, Burns (1); M. Cooper, St Thomas (1); N. Carkeek, St Thomas (1); C. Morrison, Fisherman’s; M. Cameron, Portcullis (2); J. Middleton, Fisherman’s; D. Lennard, Ship; D. Hopkins, Fisherman’s.

Referee, Della Hopkins.

Lorne: D. McLeod, Pageant (1); T. Shepherd, British Legion; J. Pengelly, Tutties; P. Whyte, British Legion; M. McKay, Lorne; G. Spence, Burns (1); A. Burnett, St Thomas (1); L. Begg, Pageant (2); A. Greig, Portcullis (2); P. Nicoll, Cricket Club; S. Shepherd, British Legion.

Referee, Sheila Shepherd.

Millgate: D. Pedgrift, Cricket Club; A. Gray, Portcullis (2); L. Black, Lorne; A. Pedgrift, Cricket Club; I. McGowan, Pageant (2); M. Evans, Station; T. Beal, Millgate; L. Swankie, Portcullis (2); N. Milne, British Legion; V. Smith, Tutties; E. Shepherd, Fisherman’s; L. Girdwood, Victoria.

Referees, Elaine Shepherd and Linda Girdwood.

British Legion: F. Bowick, Tutties; A. Gibb, Burns (1); R. Dorward, Lorne; K. Braid, Station; L. Thomson, Pageant (2); D. Nicoll, Fisherman’s; A. Burnett, Bowlers; T. Watson, Bowlers; K. Fulton, Tutties; J. Smeaton, Fisherman’s; A. Bruce, Lorne; J. Falconer, Pageant (2).

Referee, Julie Falconer.

Station: A. Stather, Tutties; J. Ferguson, St Thomas (1); J. Greig, Portcullis (2); R. Barker, Victoria; C. Swankie, Station; K. Ross, British Legion; C. Thoms, St Thomas (1); J. Ritchie, Portcullis (2); D. Lewis, Bowlers; M. Dewars, Station; K. Smeaton, Fisherman’s; J. McNicoll, Lorne.

Referee, Jean McNicoll.

West Port Bar: I. McArthur, Victoria; C. Thain, Pageant (2); S. Scragg, Victoria; P. Kiddie, Tutties; P. Ritchie, Burns (1); A. Forgie, Tutties; S. Milne, Lorne; L. Russell, British Legion; A. Smith, Pageant (2); L. Archer, Millgate; D. Stuart, Bowlers; I. Whyte, British Legion.

Referees, Debbie Stuart and Irene Whyte.