First competition of the season

SATURDAY saw 20 members of Arbroath Angling Club get their 2013 competition season under way at Monikie’s Island Pond.

Weather conditions on the day were not favourable with sleet and snow being driven in on an easterly wind making it far from ideal. However the clubs anglers are made of strong stuff and they all set sail at 9.30 a.m. to begin the season.

Most boats headed off to the three islands on the loch as shelter from the wind was to be found in behind the islands. Fortunately fish were to be had in the shallow water behind the islands and rods were soon bending into their first fish of the season.

With the large number of fish that Monikie put in at the start of the season it was never going to be too hard to complete your bag limit of five fish which some anglers managed in two hours, but to get a good finishing position you had to be lucky enough to have in your bag weight one of the larger stockies which had been put in up to the weight of 5lbs.

Most of the club were off the water well before finishing time and were using Monikie’s brilliant facilities to warm up and drink some hot coffee and tea that was available from the host club which was very much appreciable on a very cold day.

Senior winner was Bruce McAskill with five for 11lbs 4oz, second was Scott Reith, five at 10lbs 2oz, third was George (Sye) Gall with five at 9lbs 2oz, fourth was Malc Gall, five for 8lbs 10oz and fifth was Scott McGregor, five for 8lbs 9oz.

Other results: 6, Charlie Walls, five for 8lbs 8oz; 7, Graham Dunbar, five for 8lbs 5oz; 8, John Heenan, five for 8lbs 4oz; 9, Darren Heenan, five for 8lbs 2oz; 10, Les Shepherd, five for 8lbs.

Other anglers on the day who caught, but were unlucky to be outwith the points were: Colin Nicol, five for 7lbs 15oz; Lee McAskill, four for 6lbs 15oz; Kev Gall, three for 4lbs 12oz; and Jim Mosley, two for 3lbs 4oz.

Junior winner on the day was Keir Moodie who fished hard all day and got his just rewards by bagging four trout for a winning weight of 7lbs. Second was Peter Tyler with two for 3lbs 3 oz and third was Robbie Gibson with one trout at 1lb 11oz.

All the juniors were congratulated for all taking trout and keeping on going whilst fishing in extremely bad weather conditions.

The next competition for the club anglers is on the River Tay on Saturday, April 6, with transport to be arranged by cars amongst those competing and leaving bus stance 8 a.m.

The whole of the Tay is open to anglers as long as a permit is purchased for that beat you fish and shown at weigh in. Juniors competing are required to wear a lifejacket and must be accompanied by an adult.