Final pool results and play-off fixtures

THE FINAL fixtures of this year’s Summer Pool League took place last week.

David Jack and Steve Hamilton both managed to negotiate the group stages without losing a single game. Numerous play-offs are required in all of the groups to decide which players will continue to the Premier Event and those who will drop into the Plate Event.

Football card monies are required to be paid to Michael Bastow or Graham Dunbar on or before Finals Day on September 11.

Group A

Results: Craig Fairweather 5, Michael Bastow 4; Davy Jack 5, Ricky Dewars 3; Richard Paterson 5, Garry Mitchell 0; Neil Davidson 5, Jeff Barthorpe 3.

Play-offs, Portcullis, table one - Neil Davidson v Richard Paterson; Portcullis, table two - Garry Mitchell v Craig Fairweather; Ram’s Heid, table one - Michael Bastow v Ricky Dewars.

Group B

Results: Jonathon Cargill 5, Gary McLeish 2; Drew Webster 5, Craig Humphries 4; Scott Strachan 5, Kevin Brown 3; Duncan Low 2, Gordon Dickson 5.

Play-offs, Legion - Jonathon Cargill v Gordon Dickson; Ram’s Heid, table one - Drew Webster v Craig Humphries.

Group C

Results: Colin Brown 5, Graham Dunbar 4; Scott MacEwan 5, Ryan Mackenzie 3; Brian Craig 1, Kent Mitchell 5; Greg Alexander 5, Martin Cherry 3.

Play-offs, Burns Bar - Scott MacEwan v Ryan Mackenzie; Brian Craig v Martin Cherry.

Group D

Results: Steve Hamilton 5, Alan Reid 0; Jim Falconer 5, Paddy Nicoll 1; Mark Crozier 5, Sean Hardwick 0; John Maud 3, Gareth Ruxton 5.

Play-off, Legion - Gareth Ruxton v Paddy Nicoll.

Players sign in at their venue by 8 p.m. First match on is first listed. Races to three. Handicaps not applicable for play-offs. Players to referee their own matches. Any disputes, contact Michael Bastow or Graham Dunbar, 07925739795.

Any players who do not show without contacting their opponent will automatically lose the tie. Players should note it is the winner’s responsibility to text or ‘phone the score to Michael Bastow on 07921 722033 upon completion of the match.

Annual general meeting

Arbroath and District Pool League’s annual general meeting will take place in the Royal British Legion Scotland clubrooms on Thursday, August 18, at 7.30 p.m. The meeting will review last season as well as elect the office bearers for 2010/11 and is the main forum for all ADPL players to get involved in how their league is run.

Any proposals must be submitted 24 hours in advance of the meeting in writing to any member of the committee as proposals cannot be raised on the evening.

Team registration forms will be available at the AGM. Fees will be verified but as a guide, last year, they were £20 per team and £2 per player signed.

Super 15s teams

Teams have been selected for the Super 15s A and B events as follows:

Arbroath A: Craig Tara, November 18 to 20.

Team - 1, Graham Dunbar, 2, Steve Webster, 3, Garry Mitchell, 4, Jonathon Cargill, 5, Roy Middleton, 6, George Fairweather, 7, Stuart Smith, 8, Gordon Smith, captain; 9, Greg Alexander, 10, Colin Brown, 11, Steve Hallam, 12, Paddy Nicoll, 13, Steve Hamilton, 14, Gordon Dickson, 15, Dave McFarlane and 16, Gareth Ruxton.

Arbroath B1: Pettycur Bay, November 25 to 27.

Team - 1, Steve Reid, 2, Brian Craig, 3, Steve Hardwick, 4, John Fotheringham, 5, Richard Paterson, 6, Euan Sharpe, 7, Ian Anderson, 8, Sean Hardwick, 9, Drew Webster, 10, Davie Hughes, 11, Kent Mitchell, 12, Sandy McAllan, 13, Lindsay Palser, 14, John Maud, 15, Mark Crozier, 16, Barrie Watt and 17, Kris Cameron.

Graham Dunbar will act as non-playing captain for this side.

Arbroath B2: Pettycur Bay, November 15 to 27.

Team - 1, Michael Bastow, captain; 2, Scott MacEwan, 3, Watty Preston, 4, Neil Walker, 5, Jim Falconer, 6, Craig Fairweather, 7, Jeff Barthorpe, 8, Shane Twaddle, 9, Gavin Cargill, 10, Colin Smith, 11, Richard Crowdar, 12, Tam Comrie, 13, Ryan MacKenzie, 14, George McKiddie, 15, Craig Humphries, 16, Mark Donald and 17, Craig Dawson.

As fees have to be paid to the SPA at the September meeting, the deadline for all players listed to pay their £36 accommodation fees is no later than August 31. Fees can be paid to any committee member.