Final day challenges at Abbey and Newgate clubs

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Abbey Club

ABBEY Bowling Club seniors held their closing day game and presentation of trophies last Wednesday. The weather remained kind and 15 ends were completed before the meal which was followed by the presentations to the winners which was done by the president’s wife Irene O’Neill.

Singles winner was David Mitchell , the pairs was won by Eli Marnie and John Falconer and the triples went to Beryl Kennedy, Gertrude Skea and John Lowson, The game resulted in a draw.


8 M. Smith J. Fairweather 22

16 E. Marnie B. Tosh 9

14 B. Skea D. O’Neill 16

16 E. Philip B. Tasker 12

16 J.S. Paterson T. Mill 11

16 R. Wilson J. Mathieson 16

86 86

Saturday saw the end of another season and members took part in the traditional president v vice-president match.

Before the start of the game, the usual spider was played and was won by John Prouse. Once the game got under way there was a change in the weather but spirits remained high as frequent refreshment breaks, great camaraderie and the game ending in a dubious draw made for a great day.

Winners of the ‘touchers’ throughout the game were Ron Webster, Brian Johnston, George Shaw and Doug Petrie. In the evening a barbecue and dance was held and was enjoyed by all.

President v vice-president

25 D. O’Neill D. Wilson 23

15 D. Petrie J. Arthur 22

14 C.L. Cargill K. Tosh 25

27 T. Mill J. Lowson 15

18 J. Prouse A. Burnett 16

17 J.S. Paterson B. Taylor 15

116 116

Newgate Club

THE FINAL bowling day of the season for gents at Newgate Bowling Club took place on Saturday when the traditional closing day fixture between president Charlie Cooper and vice-president Willie Johnston took place.

The match was won by the president’s team.


President v. Vice-president

13 C. Cooper W. Johnston 14

17 A. Low R. Murray 17

6 A. Caird B. Robertson 16

19 J. Stirling B. Sibley 13

23 D. Hodgens F. Szatan 8

78 68

Season’s prize-winners

Gents prize-winners for the season are as follows:

Pend - Alan Low, runner-up, Tom Reid; Handicap - Paul Martin, runner-up, Wullie Smith (2); Consolation - Brian Reid, runner-up, Willie Johnston; Saskia - Davy Spalding, runner-up, Scott Sibley.

Club singles - Paul Martin, runner-up - Graham Fechlie; club pairs - Dougal Dargie and Alan Low, runners-up - Wullie Cargill and Davy Spalding; club triples - Gerry Mould, Davy Spalding and Alex Napier, runners-up - Dick Balfour, Ian Teviotdale and Tom Pullar; club rinks - Eric Milne, Bob Spence, Tom Pullar and Billy Sturrock, runners-up - John McIlhatton, Dougal Dargie, Davy Spalding and Brian Sibley.

Nominated rinks - Eric Milne, Alex Napier, Graham Fechlie and Dave Swankie, runners-up - Eric Martin, Sye Pearson, Harry Burnett and Gary Davies; nominated triples - Tom Fraser, Ian Teviotdale and Raymond Murray, runners-up - Paul Gersok, Brian Sibley and Sandy Smith; nominated pairs - Davy Spalding and Gordon Smith, runners-up - Ron Heenan and Paul Martin.

Married pairs - Ken and Kath Swan, runners-up - Jim and Wilma Watt; veterans’ singles - Sandy Smith, runner-up - Mike Flynn; points - Alex Cargill.

Prize-winners in the ladies’ section are:

Singles - Margaret Cargill, runner-up - Irene Hill; pairs - Isobel Johnston and Betty Hodson, runners-up - Kathleen Swan and Barbara Park; triples - Pat Smith, Ruth Ferguson and Isobel Johnstone, runners-up - Margaret Cargill, Irene Hill and Stephanie Caird.

Nominated pairs - Audrey Johnston and Barbara Park, runners-up - Betty Hodson and Carolann Herron; mixed pairs - Pat Smith and Dave Perkins, runners-up - Margaret Cargill and Gibby Lawson; Jean Stewart pairs - Ann Cargill and Margaret Cargill, runners-up - Sharon Caird and Irene Hill; Rae Perkins Trophy - Ann Cargill and Barbara Park, runners-up - Margaret Cargill and Ruth Ferguson.

Belle Smith Trophy - Margaret Cargill, runner-up - Ann Cargill; Cameron Trophy - Ann Cargill, runner-up - May Hutcheson; Mina Cargill trophy - Ann Cargill, runner-up Pat Smith.