Diawl Bachs just the ticket

ANYONE considering a day out on Rescobie Loch should ensure they have a few Diawl Bachs in their fly box. They have been accounting for most of the fish being caught at present along with Black Buzzers, Cormorants and Damsels.

The fish are still pretty near the surface and are being taken from all over the loch. Some sizeable browns in excellent condition are coming off.

G. Osler (Ceres) had one at 6lbs 2oz, A. Wood (Forfar) one at 8lbs 4oz, J. Henderson (Montrose) one at 5lbs and D. Waddell (Arbroath) one at 11lbs 8oz which was on the ‘Gow’s Fish of the Month’ leaderboard for a couple of days before being toppled by G. Burnett (Dundee) with a 15lbs 8oz rainbow.

Some other contenders were: D. Hogg (Blair) 13lbs 2oz, L. Dickson (Montrose) 8lbs in his four for 20lbs, W. Ramsay (Dundee) 12lbs 4oz, D. M. Smith (Arbroath) 8lbs in his four for 18lbs, J. Galloway (Glenisla) 10lbs 4oz in his four for 18lbs 12oz. On the leaderboard for July is M. Heenan (Arbroath) with a 15lbs 8oz rainbow.

Some recent bank successes were: M. Smith (Arbroath) four for 11lbs 8oz, A. Munro (Forfar) four for 12lbs 4oz, A. Whyte (Edzell) three for 16lbs, D. Nicoll (Arbroath) three for 14lbs 12oz, F. Keith (Dundee) four for 17lbs, F. McDonald (Dundee) four for 14lbs, C. Munro (Forfar) four for 12lbs 4oz and G. Smith (Arbroath) four for 15lbs.From the boats: A. Stewart (Arbroath) four for 16lbs 8oz, A. Fyall (Arbroath) four for 19lbs, J. Yule (Kirriemuir) four for 28lbs, N. Spence (Arbroath) four for 23lbs 12oz, I. Bain (Arbroath) four for 14lbs 8oz, D. Robertson (Brechin) four for 18lbs, I. Baxter (Forfar) four for 16lbs 12oz, T. Melville (Blair) four for 17lbs 12oz, D. Paton (Friockheim) four for 10lbs 2oz, Mr Joe (Dundee) four for 15lbs and S. Learmonth (Montrose) 4 for 12lbs.