David drifts into leading position

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An Arbroath drift racer is steadily climbing the ranks in one of the fast-paced motorsport’s top contests.

David Waterworth competed in the third round of the Maxxis British Drift Championship at the Teeside Autodrome at the weekend and muscled his way up three places in the rankings.

David said: “We qualified seventh place out of 29 drivers and went to battle on into fourth position on the day which leaves us in fifth place overall in the championship now.

“But also two of our other Team Nankang teammates did equally well, Mark Luney and Wesley Keating, and with my points our team finished the round in first position of the Team Constructors’ championship.”

David and Team Nankang will be competing in the fourth round of the Maxxis British Drift Racing Championship on August 9 and 10 at Lydden Hill.

He has also recently taken part in the Irish Drift Championship, billed as #GlobalWarfare, which saw him compete on the challenging Mondello Park in the Republic of Ireland.

David faced off against drivers from as far afield as America and Japan as well as many European entrants.

His opponent for the chase section of the competition was drifting legend Robbie Nashida, but David was not fazed by the pressure.

He said: “Robbie is a true legend in the drifting community that has been around so many events around the world and has so many championship wins with a vast experience with everything drift related.

“Knowing his reputation I didn’t hold nothing back and we headed into the track at full throttle again hitting all the clips and the engines roaring we completed the run successfully then switched positions.”

Although Nashida ultimately defeated him by the finest of margins David received much praise from the veteran drifter.

David said: “What Robbie said afterwards floored me. He said he hadn’t felt so comfortable chasing so close to a new driver with a car as unique as mine is. He said ‘I was like a machine to follow, each run was exactly the same as the previous showing a level of consistency and skill that was incredible for a chassis and engine combination as extreme as this is’.

“Such words have inspired us to continue to push us harder and achieve higher goals within drifting.”