Club’s final gala of season

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ON SATURDAY, the St Thomas Premier League team travelled to Dundee to compete in the final Premier League gala of the season.

In a year in which St Thomas regularly pushed defending champions Dundee City Aquatics all the way the team hoped to further consolidate its second place in the overall standings.

The gala got off to the best possible start for St Thomas as the 10 and under boys and girls’ teams won the opening two medley races - significantly they also won their freestyle events too. However, as the team was missing two relay sections it was going to prove a difficult task to get close to Dundee.

After the medley relays St Thomas were in second place 11 points behind Dundee. This gap would ebb and flow as a total of nine individual victories across all age groups, 10 second place and six third place finishes enabled St Thomas to extend its points lead over the other teams, while keeping Dundee City Aquatics within touching distance.

Despite some determined swims and closely fought relay swims from St Thomas, Dundee ran out comfortable winners securing 200 points to St Thomas’ 169.

This season, however, did represent St Thomas’ most competitive league season for a couple of years. The team easily secured second position overall in the league and at least two of its age group teams won their overall sections.


10 and under girls 50m BK - Rachael Fotheringham 51.54; 10 and under boys 50m BK - George Cowan 44.84.

11/12 girls 100m BR - Ally Morrison 1.35.78; 11/12 boys 100m BR - Matthew Michie 1.35.97.

13/14 girls 100m fly - Heather Ingram 1.15.75; 13/14 boys 100m fly - Ross Geddes 1.05.13.

15 and over girls 100m FC - Erin Cranston 1.03.84; 15 and over boys 100m FC - Dan Baty 55.6.

10 and under girls 50m BR - Gemma Watt 59.15; 10 and under boys 50m BR - Ben Morrison 53.78.

11/12 girls 100m fly - Ashley Thomson 1.28.12; 11/12 boys 100m fly - Brandon Runge 1.29.00.

13/14 girls 100m FC - Phoebe Docherty 1.19.12; 13/14 boys 100m FC - Blair Fotheringham 1.01.97.

15 and over girls 100m BK - Sarah Cummins 1.14.53; 15 and over boys 100m BK - Luke Shepherd 1.07.78.

10 and under girls 50m fly - Sophie Smith 40.44; 10 and under boys 50m fly - Robert Allan 43.78.

11/12 girls 100m FC - Louise Fraser 1.08.13; 11/12 boys 100m FC - Thomas Rennie 1.40.37.

13/14 girls 100m BK – Megan Baty 1.17.91; 13/14 boys 100m BK - Kieran Welsh 1.38.53.

15 and over girls 100m BR - Louise Taylor 1.19.03; 15 and over boys 100m BR - Taylor Young 1.16.88.

10 and under girls 50m FC - Hannah Coull 40.34; 10 and under boys 50m FC - Cameron Craig 42.79.

11/12 girls 100m BK - Sophie Buick 1.25.40; 11/12 boys 100m BK - Blair Geddes 1.25.88.

13/14 girls 100m BR - Heather Ingram 1.34.16; 13/14 boys 100m BR - Ross Geddes 1.28.78.

15 and over girls 100m fly - Paula Murray 1.28.75; 15 and over boys 100m fly - Mark Shepherd 1.03.10.