Closing days at town clubs begin to draw near


Abbey BC


THE LAST competition final played was the Gents Triples. Although wet and miserable, it was still an interesting game to watch.

Dave Wilson, Dave Beattie and Bob Tosh took an early lead which they held on to throughout until the last end when they lost a three and the game 15-14 to John Prouse, Jim Crichton and Dave Whitton.

The seniors’ closing day is October 3 and if those attending can append their names to the list on noticeboard to assist with numbers for catering it would be appreciated.


This weekend’s fixtures were reduced to one as Hillcrest was unable to raise a team. The home game went ahead against Baxter Park resulting in a win for Abbey.

Abbey v Baxter Park

13 J. Lowson J. Falconer 10

26 J. Arthur P. Kearnan 10

19 J.K. Paterson E. Williamson 14

29 D. Petrie T. Mortons 10

16 B. Taylor D. Middleton 17

22 D. O’Neill R. Ritchie 17

8 J. Prouse P. Speirs 31

133 109

The semi-final of the Nom/Triples was a really good close game in which Ken Tosh, Jim K. Paterson and Jim Fairweather lost 14 - 17 to John Prouse, Dave Gow and Joe Gibson.

A remark by one member to another one night that the Senior Angus League was a ‘Mickey Mouse’ league compared to the Friday night Angus League resulted in a challenge match being arranged between the ‘Has Beens’ (seniors) and the ‘Wanna Bes’ (Angus League).

What the ‘Wanna Bes’ brought to the game was an element of youth and stamina and an undying belief that they would win easily. However, the maturity and experience of the ‘Has Beens’ saw them take early leads in all three rinks which was held on to until the last end when one rink went down by one shot, leaving the ‘Has Beens’ the match by two rinks to one, an 11-shot advantage, the trophy and bragging rights for a year.

Has Beens v Wanna Bes

17 B. Taylor M. Anderson 12

19 R. Wilson J.K. Paterson 12

13 C. McKay K. Tosh 14

49 38


The closing day was up to its usual standard of competitiveness mixed with heaps of fun and games.

In the Junior Singles, Keiran Ross beat his brother, Kyale, in the final. However Kyale had his revenge in the Junior Pairs. Playing with Peter Ney he won against Keiran and Louise Mathew.

In the Two Bowl Pairs Keiran and Kyale were drawn together and went on to win against Kimberley Nicholson and Hazel Sime.

The winner of the Junior League was Caitlin Waddilove with runner-up being Hazel Sime. The Novice Section Singles winner is Connor Hunter, while the pairs went to Angus Burnett and Amy Beattie.

The Two Bowl pairs was won by Abbie Beattie and Kaitlin Parsley.

Thanks were extended to Steve Bennett, Robertson Butchers, who sponsors the juniors, and who came along to do the presentation of trophies.

The ladies’ closing day is tomorrow (Saturday). Those wishing to play should attend by 1.45 p.m.

Arbroath BC


Arbroath v Kirriemuir

7 D. Skene C. Milne 30

12 G. Mathieson P. Coulthard 19

17 G. Stewart T. Aitchison 17

14 E. Scott S. Gunter 20

16 D. Gallacher A. Robertson 20

66 106

Broughty Masters

Paul Carnegie represented Arbroath in the end of season singles highlight at Broughty Ferry.

Unfortunately he was narrowly defeated 21-17 by Ross Carlin. Paul’s singles form has just dipped at the end of a most successful year.

Newgate BC

Ladies v Gents Seniors

ON FRIDAY afternoon the ladies took on the Gents Seniors in their annual friendly competition. The ladies came out on top winning the overall game by five shots.

Ladies v Gents

14 M. Cargill H. Burnett 14

12 K. Swan T. Reid 18

14 R. Ferguson T. Fraser 12

14 A. Cargill W. Smith (2) 11

16 P. Smith K. Swan 10

70 65

Saturday Friendly

ON SATURDAY the away game with Muirhead and Birkhill was cancelled. The home game against Forfar sponsored by Plumb Center went ahead as arranged and proved to be a successful afternoon for Forfar as Newgate only managed a win on one rink.

Newgate v Forfar

22 J. Stirling G. Marshall 21

12 B. Sibley I. Donald 22

16 W. Johnston M. Blackie 21

18 T. Reid P. McGuiness 21

13 E. Martin S. Clark 23

10 A. Pearson V. Russell 31

91 139

Broughty Masters and Classic

In the Masters Graham Fechlie failed at the first hurdle going down to last year’s champion on Saturday. In the Classic Margaret Cargill won her two games on Saturday and advanced into the Sunday games but lost out narrowly to the lady from Arbroath Bowling Club.

Memorial Mixed Triples

On Sunday Newgate members gathered at the green to take part in the Memorial Mixed Triples Round Robin .

The final was keenly contested by the triple of Brenda Jackson, Dave Hodgens and Charlie Cooper and the triple of Alan McIntosh, Isobel Anderson and Brian Sibley. After the seven ends the triple skipped by Charlie Cooper secured the shots to lift the trophy.

Annual match

Tomorrow (Saturday), the annual Gents Seniors v Juniors (under-60s) game takes place with a 2.30 p.m. start.

Gents closing day

The gents’ closing day for the season takes place on Saturday, October 6, when attendeed are asked to report at 2 p.m. for a 2.30 p.m. start.

Ladies’ closing day

The ladies closing day for the season takes place this Sunday (September 30) when the ladies are asked to report at 2 p.m.

Joe Forsyth Cup

THE ANNUAL match for the Joe Forsyth cup was played at Arbroath Bowling Club on Sunday.

Arbroath v R.B. Legion

20 E. Scott K. Moir 11

15 W. Lawrence D. Lundie 10

15 J. Bogue M. Mann 9

16 D. Daniel K. Macpherson 9

16 D. Skene J. Cargill 9

84 51