Charity four-man team event finals

ARBROATH and District Pool League’s annual Four-Man Team Charity Finals Day will be held on Sunday, March 25, at the Ram’s Heid. Sign in will be 11.30 a.m.

The format on the day will be two groups of four, with the semi-finals being played out by the winners of each group against the runners-up from the opposite group.

After Tuesday night’s qualifying round the finalists are as follows:

Portcullis 3A (W. Craib, S. Humphries, C. Humphries and B. Morrison); Burns 1A (Gary McLeish, Kent Mitchell, Tam Walkinshaw and John Fotheringham); Portcullis 1B (Ian Anderson, Nic Van Rijn, Euan Sharpe and Mark McGlashan); Cliffburn 1 (Gordon Smith*, Steve Hallam, Andy Braid and Christian Watt); West Port Bar A (Gary Stewart, Nomie Braes, Stuart Kerr and Andy Jolly); Ram’s Heid 2A (Steve Hamilton, Graham Dunbar, Roy Middleton and Michael Bastow*); Legion 3 (Alan Reid, Walter Preston*, Shane Twaddle and Tam Twaddle); Station A (Chris Gray, Alan Doyle, Mark Donald and Scott Teviotdale).

Super 11s B Event

Arbroath B2 and B3 squads travel to Pettycur Bay, Fife, this weekend to compete in the Super 11s B event.

The squads are as follows:

B2 Squad – Michael Bastow (captain), Brian Craig, Sean Hardwick, Drew Webster, Mark Gray, Lindsay Palser, Mark Crozier, Steve Hamilton, Walter Preston, Steve Reid and Richard Paterson.

B3 Squad – Jim Falconer (captain), George McKiddie, Jeff Barthorpe, Richard Crowder, Grant Forsyth, Craig Fairweather, Scott MacEwan, Craig Humphreys, Ryan MacKenzie, Colin Smith and Kris Cameron.

Travel is by private car as arranged by the players.

IM competition

Results and fixtures from the current IM competition are as follows:

Section One

Preliminary round - Ian Anderson beat Craig Humphreys, 6-3.

Round one - match 1: Steve Hamilton beat Steve Webster, 6-5; match 2: Roy Middleton beat Alan Reid, 6-1; match 3: Ian Anderson beat Karl Capewell, 6-0; match 4: Martin Cherry lost to Andy Braid, 6-4.

Round two - match 5: Steve Hamilton v Roy Middleton; match 6: Ian Anderson lost to Andy Braid, 6-2.

Round three - match 7: winner match 5 v Andy Braid.

Qualifier - winner match 7.

Section Two

Preliminary round - Jim Dear lost to Walter Preston, 6-5.

Round one - match 1: Gareth Ruxton lost to Garry Mitchell, 6-2; match 2: Tam Walkinshaw beat Ryan MacKenzie, 6-1; match 3: Walter Preston lost to Drew Webster, 6-5; match 4: Davie Williams beat Jim Falconer, 6-3.

Round two - match 5: Garry Mitchell v Tam Walkinshaw; match 6: Drew Webster lost to Davie Williams, 6-3.

Round three - match 7: winner match 5 v Davie Williams;

Qualifier: winner match 7.

Section Three

Round one - match 1: Greg Alexander beat Mark Crozier, 6-0; match 2: John Maud beat Scott Strachan, 6-3; match 3: Dave McFarlane lost to Kent Mitchell, 6-4; match 4: Jeff Barthorpe beat Wayne Green, 6-1.

Round two - match 5: Greg Alexander beat John Maud, 6-1; match 6: Kent Mitchell beat Jeff Barthorpe, 6-5.

Round three - match 7: Greg Alexander v Kent Mitchell.

Qualifier: winner match 7.

Section Four

Round one - match 1: Paddy Nicoll beat Alex Cargill, 6-1; match 2: Craig Fairweather lost to Gary McLeish, 6-2; match 3: Michael Bastow v Gordon Smith; match 4: Sean Hardwick lost to Jonathan Cargill, 6-4.

Round two - match 5: Paddy Nicoll v Gary McLeish; match 6: winner match 3 v Jonathan Cargill.

Round three - match 7: winner match 5 v winner match 6.

Qualifier: winner match 7.

Section Five

Round one - match 1: Graham Dunbar beat Colin Smith, 6-0; match 2: Kris Cameron beat Ricky Dewars, 6-4; match 3: Scott MacEwan beat Brian Craig, 6-1; match 4: John Fotheringham beat Richard Paterson, 6-4.

Round two - match 5: Graham Dunbar beat Kris Cameron, 6-1; match 6: Scott MacEwan lost to John Fotheringham, 6-5.

Round three - match 7: Graham Dunbar v John Fotheringham.

Qualifier: winner match 7.

Deadline dates

The IM#2 finals are to be held over the weekend of April 21/22 at Hustlers, Rosyth. The SPA need Arbroath’s five qualifiers 14 days in advance of the finals, giving the league until Sunday, April 8, to have all qualifying ties completed.

Therefore, the deadlines for this event are as follows:

Prelim and matches 1, 2, 3 and 4 should have been played by Sunday February 26. Matches 5 and 6 to be completed by Sunday, March 18. Match 7 to be completed by Saturday, April 7.

Matches are best of 11 frames, lag first frame only. Players to arrange matches with each other at a venue and time which suits both players. If you have any problems arranging fixtures please get in touch with the match secretary as soon as possible.

Winners to text or ‘phone result to the match secretary upon completion of each match.

Arbroath and District Pool League

Sidey Division One

Fixtures: Burns Bar (1) v Fishermans (2); Cliffburn (1) v Legion (1); Portcullis (3) v Letham Hotel (1); Railway Inn (1) v Portcullis (1); Ram’s Heid (1) v Portcullis (2); Legion (3) v Ram’s Heid (2).

Division Two

Fixtures: Bowlers v Burns Bar (2); West Port Bar v Cliffburn (2); Letham Hotel (2) v Pageant; Legion (2) v Railway Inn (2); Fisherman’s (1) v St Tam’s; Station v Stag.