Championship play-off

Darts news
Darts news

There is one fixture on Tuesday in the Arbroath and District Ladies’ Darts League, the Division Two championship play-off, Millgate v Newgate (1), will take place in Commercial.

Draw for triples competition to be played on Thursday, April 3:

Newgate - D. Dunbar, J. Middleton and K. Smeaton, Newgate (3); L. Girdwood, S. Barker and S. Girdwood, Westport Bar; L. Swankie, J. Pengelly and V. Smith, Tutties (1); J. Gillies, M. Gillies and C. Ritchie, St Tam’s; A. Higgins, L. Smith and D. Stuart, Bowlers; A. Jeffrey, S. Duffy and L. Martin, Portcullis (1); S. Wright, J. Milne and D. McDonald, Newgate (2); N. Milne, T. Shepherd and D. Murray, British Legion; A. Bruce, M. McKay and R. Dorward, Burns (2). Referee, Linda Girdwood.

Ram’s Heid - J. McNicoll, W. Edwards and L. Black, Burns (2); G. Spence, P. Ritchie and P. McCann, Burns (1); D. Pedgrift, G. Anderson and A. Pedgrift, Cricket Club; D. Rose, B. Thain and P. Terry, Pageant; S. Fairweather, M. Taylor and L. Yalcin, Portcullis (1); G. Livingston, C. Shand and A. Strather, Tutties (1); B. Jarvis, K. Jarvis and T. Beal, Millgate; I. McGowan, J. Cadman and K. Docherty, Pageant; A. Burnett, E. Green and F. Smith, Bowlers. Referee, Donna Rose.

Burns - S. Buick, P. Cook and J. Graham, Newgate (3); K. Gordon, L. Archer and L. Yates, Millgate; P. Nicoll, D. Robson and L. Robson, Cricket Club; A. Smith, L. Thomson and I. Crosbie, Burns (1); M. Smith, K. Tindal and A. Greig, Portcullis (2); R. Barker, S. Scragg and I. McArthur, Westport Bar; C. Thain, J. Falconer and S. Watson, Pageant; L. McConnachie, H. Watson and M. Barron, Burns (1); E. Shepherd, K. Bennett and J. Saddingham, Newgate (3). Referee, Amanda Smith.

Portcullis - K. McMeekin, M. Cull and L. Errington, St Tam’s; L. Fairweather, N. Hunter and T. Watson, Commercial (2); M. Grant, G. Macgregor and Y. Milliken, Tutties (2); C. Forsyth, W. Diver and I. Whyte, British Legion; L. Russell, L. Henderson and M. Morrison, British Legion; J. Falconer, J. Ritchie and A. Findlay, Portcullis (2); F. Bowick, L. Laidlaw and N. Arnott, Tutties (1); I. Wright, A. Crosbie and D. McLeod, Newgate (2); D. Thurgood, J. Lowson and A. Thurgood, Newgate (2); T. Gibson, M. Gibson and L. Maitland, Commercial (2). Referee, Irene Whyte.

Sign-in for 8 p.m. start. Play down to one triple at each venue. Phone results to 854782.