Burns Bar 1A to the ‘Four’!


BURNS Bar 1A defeated Portcullis 1A 3 - 0 in Sunday’s final of the Watty’s Cues Charity Four-Man team event.

The winning team comprised Colin Brown, Kent Mitchell, Tam Walkinshaw and Gary McLeish. Gallant runners-up were George Fairweather, Dale Leith, Steve Webster and Ian Webster.

The draw put four of the favourites - Ram’s Heid 2B, Abbey 1A, Abbey 1B and Burns 1A - in one group. The other group comprised Portcullis 1A, Burns Bar 1B, Ship Inn and the Station.

In Group A, results were as follows: Abbey 1A beat Abbey 1B, 3-1; Burns 1A beat Rams 2B, 3-1; Rams 2B beat Abbey 1A, 3-1; Burns 1A beat Abbey 1B, 4-0; Abbey 1A beat Burns 1A, 3-1; Abbey 1B drew with Rams 2B, 2-2.

Burns 1A topped the group on frame differential from Abbey 1A.

Group B, results were: Burns 1B beat Ship Inn, 3-1; Portcullis 1A beat Station, 4-0; Portcullis 1A beat Ship Inn, 4-0; Burns 1B beat Station, 4-0; Portcullis 1A beat Burns 1B, 4-0; Ship Inn drew with Station, 2-2.

Portcullis 1A topped the group with a 100 per cent record in matches and frames. Burns 1B were clear second with two wins out of three.

In the semi-finals, Burns 1B got off to a good start with Rich Patterson beating Tam Walkinshaw but they could not maintain it and Gary McLeish and Colin Brown pulled the Burns 1A round to a 2-1 lead before Kent Mitchell clinched it for them against his brother Nevada.

In the other match, Abbey 1B struck first with Scott Strachan beating George Fairweather, the Portcullis’s first loss of the day, but they hit back through Dale Leith and Steve Webster to go 2-1 up. Sandy McAllan took a vital equaliser against Ian Webster to make it 2-2 and produce the first double tie of the day. Steve Hallam won the lag and broke but it went dry and Steve Webster took out a finish to put his team in the final 3-2.

In the final, all ties were now best of three. Colin Brown beat George Fairweather 2-0, while Kent Mitchell defeated Dale Leith by the same scoreline. Suddenly Portcullis were 2-0 down. Steve Webster and Ian Webster both went 1-0 down in their ties but Steve dug in to pull his match against Tam Walkinshaw back to 1-1. However, it was not to be as Gary McLeish took his chances and beat Ian 2-0 to win the title for his team 3 - 0 overall.

The outcome was a fair result as Burns had three of the top four player stats on the day with Colin achieving six wins from six, and Kent and Gary winning five out of six each. Timings went well after last year’s over-run.

Thanks were extended to Watty Preston for sponsoring the event once more and to Richie and Brenda Jones, mine hosts of the Ram’s Heid for their sponsorship of the event and for generously paying the tables and providing food for the players.

Some £320 was raised although the charity has not yet been chosen therefore if any player or team would like to nominate a worthy cause to receive this money please do so to the committee.

League results

Division One

Results: Pageant 7, Portcullis (2) 5; Portcullis (1) 4, Burns Bar (1) 8; Newgate 8, Ram’s Heid (1) 4; Legion (3) 2, Ram’s Heid (2) 10; Railway Inn (1) 12, Stag 0; Abbey (1) 8, Letham Hotel (1) 4.

P W D L Pts

Ram’s Heid (2) 18 16 2 0 34

Abbey (1) 18 16 1 1 33

Burns Bar (1) 18 13 2 3 28

Portcullis (1) 18 10 3 5 23

Letham Hotel (1) 18 9 4 5 22

Newgate 18 6 4 8 16

Portcullis (2) 18 4 3 11 11

Railway (1) 18 6 1 11 13

Legion (3) 18 3 4 11 10

Stag 18 3 4 11 10

Pageant 18 3 2 13 8

Ram’s Heid (1) 18 2 4 12 8

Division Two

Results: Burns Bar (2) 9, Abbey (2) 3; Fishermans 10, Bowlers 2; Station 10, Legion (2) 2; Victoria Bar 0, Ship Inn 12; Letham Hotel (2) 4, Legion (1) 8; Portcullis (3) 7, Railway Inn (2) 5.

P W D L Pts

Legion (1) 18 14 3 1 31

Portcullis (3) 18 13 3 2 29

Ship Inn 18 13 2 3 28

Fishermans 18 12 2 4 26

Station 18 11 2 5 24

Burns Bar (2) 18 7 3 8 17

Legion (2) 18 6 3 9 15

Bowlers 18 3 6 9 12

Letham Hotel (2) 17 5 2 10 12

Railway (2) 18 4 4 10 12

Abbey (2) 17 1 2 14 4

Victoria Bar 13 2 0 11 4

League fixture

Letham Hotel (2) will play Abbey (2) in the rescheduled game from week 11.

This is the only league fixture next week because the last 16 of the Consolation Cup will be taking place as follows: Railway (2) v Fishermans; Legion (2) v Railway (1); Portcullis (3) v Letham Hotel (1); Stag v Legion (3); Ship Inn v Bowlers; Legion (1) v Pageant; Ram’s Heid (1) v Burns Bar (2); Abbey (2), bye.

The seven winners of these ties plus Abbey (2) will go on to finals day on Sunday, May 22. The format is nine singles and four doubles.

Kelbie Metals Singles

The last 32 ties in the Kelbie Metals Singles will take place next Wednesday, April 6. Four qualifiers from each venue. The format is best of five frames each tie. Lag the first frame only then alternative breaks. Referees will be in place for all ties. Winners will referee the next tie.

Controllers to ‘phone or text the qualifiers names to the pool mobile.

The draw is as follows:

Portcullis: Tam Walkinshaw, Stuart Smith, George Fairweather, Gordon Smith*, Dave McFarlane, Nevada Mitchell, Colin Brown and Roy Middleton.

Ram’s Heid: George Ogilvie, Scott Berrie*, Gary McLeish, Steve Hardwick, Sean Hardwick, Sandy McAllan, Jimmy Balfour and Steve Hallam.

Burns Bar: Euan Sharpe*, Greg Alexander, Kevin Hardie, Ian Brown, Aaron Wilson, Neil Walker, Scott Strachan and Ian Anderson.

Legion: Lindsay Palser, Steve Webster*, Graham Dunbar, Barrie Watt, Brian Craig, Kevin Duncan, Davie Williams and Andrew Braid.

* denotes controller.

IM competition

George Fairweather beat Gareth Ruxton, 6-5, in the first round of the Scottish Pool Association Individual Membership #1 competition.

Second round results were: Graham Dunbar beat Martin Cherry, 6-2; Jonathon Cargill beat Mark Crozier, 6-1; Steve Hamilton beat John Maud, 6-1; George Fairweather beat Steve Hardwick, 6-0; Greg Alexander beat Gordon Dickson, 6-5; Stuart Campbell lost to Kenny McMillan, 6-0.

Outstanding second round fixture: Paddy Nicoll v Steve Webster.

Final qualifying ties are: Graham Dunbar v Jonathon Cargill; Steve Hamilton v winner of Paddy Nicoll/Steve Webster; Greg Alexander v Kenny McMillan; Colin Brown v George Fairweather.

New website

Due to some technical problems with the old website, the SPA have given Arbroath and District Pool league a revised one. Unfortunately, it means that all members from the old site will have to re-register but its only a two-minute job! The new site is www.arbroath.scottishpool.com instead of .net.