Backwater trip for local club

SATURDAY saw 14 Arbroath Angling Club members make the journey up Glen Isla to fish the Backwater Reservoir.

The reservoir holds wild brown trout that average about the half pound mark, but these trout, although small, give a very good account of themselves when hooked and fight way above their weight.

There is no bag limit on backwater as the trout are plentiful but the club sets a limit of 15 fish which all anglers abide by. Temperatures on the day were not too bad but anglers had to put up with a very strong south westerly wind that made casting the flies very hard.

All the members, including the juniors, managed to catch at least one fish during the session and all came away happy. The senior winner on the day was Scott Mcgregor with 15 fish for 6lbs 7oz. Second was George [Sye] Gall, 12 trout, 4lbs 10oz and third was Bruce McAskill, eight for 3lbs 2oz. Other placings: 4, Jim Moseley, four for 1lbs 8oz; 5, Stan Nicoll, two for 14oz; 6, Les Shepherd, one at 9oz.

The junior winner on the day was Keir Mudie with three trout for 1lb 3oz. Second was Robbie Gibson three at 1lb 2oz and third was Peter Tyler with one at 13oz which was the heaviest fish overall.

The next competition for club anglers is at Lintrathen on Sunday, May 12. Seven boats are booked and names as soon as possible to members that are wishing to fish to avoid disappointment, contact match secretary on 01241 550455.

The Lunan has been slow to get going but a new member of the club, Watt Whittle, has had four fish of the Lunan to date which is encouraging. The Lunan was at the centre of a pollution incident on Sunday when a local bird watcher reported a glossy film being seen on the water down at the blue bridge.

SEPA was informed and they located the diesel leak to be coming from a local quarry. Fish stocks seem to be alright but anglers fishing the Lunan are asked to look out for any dead fish but hopefully the above average height of water has flushed the pollution out before it has affected any fish.

Saturday, April 6, River Tay

The club held their second competition of the season on the River Tay. Those taking part can now fish on any beat that sells a day permit giving anglers the opportunity to explore many more beats other than just the one that was fished by the club at Dunkeld for many years.

Weather conditions prior to the competition had not been good, as consistent east winds for the previous month had kept the river very low and very cold which in turn does nothing to get the fly life in the river hatching as the very cold water acts as a temperature barrier that makes them dormant until suitable temperatures prevail.

Most club anglers chose to fish slow sink or sink tip lines to get as deep as possible with fly selections for most being weighted caddis selections with the odd greenwell spider and black spiders on droppers.

Senior winner on the day was George [Sye] Gall with three trout weighing 1lb 4oz. George also had a grayling at about 1lb 8oz which was carefully returned after a quick photograph was taken for the club website.

No other seniors weighed in on a day that weather conditions played a big part on the outcome as previous seasons record the Tay to fish very good early season under normal seasonal temperatures.

Scotty McGregor had two salmon to his rod on Saturdays both caught on spider patterns. Both fish were salmon kelts with the biggest a double figure specimen and both being well mended bars of silver. A photograph of the small one at five lbs can be seen on the website before release.

The Lunan has also been slow at getting going with the extreme weather of late and all that’s required is some warmer conditions to prevail which in turn will get the fly life in the river going which will get the trout rising and more active.

Les Shepherd had one of the first trout of the season at Friockheim at three quarters of a pound which he returned. Bank clearing work will be undertaken in the coming weeks with information on where and when on the club website: