Arbroath Society’s prizes

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TROPHY winners for the 2012 season at Arbroath Racing Pigeon Society were:

Dorward Cup, 1st Maidstone – K. Murphy.

Alexander Cup, 1st Clermont – K. Murphy.

Victoria Cup, 1st Alencon – K. Murphy.

Fettes Cup, 1st Wakefield YB – K. Murphy.

Munro Cup, Old Bird Average – K. Murphy 1016.21; runner-up – C. Cameron, 1015.31.

Stewart Cup, Young Bird Average K Murphy, 1047.11; runner-up – C. Cameron, 1042.93.

Cargill Trophy, Best Average, Eastbourne Old Bird / Wakefield Young Bird – K. Murphy, 1127.94; runner-up – C. Cameron, 1086.93.

Fyffe-Jameson Cup, Combined Average – K. Murphy 1024.84; runner-up – C. Cameron, 1023.04.

Grant Medal, Club Champion – K. Murphy.