Arbroath Singles qualifiers on Monday

Arbroath and District Men’s Darts League

Sponsored by Colin M Smith

THE ARBROATH Singles qualifiers will take place on Monday night at eight venues across the town. Players should register with venue referees before 8 p.m. Each venue will play down to one winner.

Abbey: B. Davidson, D. Steele, J. Cooper, D. Boath, D. Hunter, S. Allerdice, D. Craig, T. Paul, D. Simpson, R. Curran, J. Tough (Jnr), C. Tosh, R. Crosbie, S. Green, G. Gordon, D. McKenzie (Corner), C. Dell and R. Cobb.

Referee – Steve Green.

Bowlers: B. Reid, A. Spence, M. Tosh, G. McDougall, D. Collier, A. Forsyth, W. Falconer, S. Coram, M. Craig, C. Innes, T. Hopkins, L. Ritchie, G. Christie, K. Buick, C. Jones, S. Reaney, E. Collier and A. Low.

Referee – Alan Low.

Burns Bar: C. Watt, M. Thomson, J. Balfour, Stuart Watson (Legion), D. Johnston, S. Barclay, P. Myatt, G. Wood, E. Will, P. Barnes, S. Smith, J. Barr, J. Smith, J. Duncan, D. McKenzie Snr (Lorne), J. Ritchie, P. Falconer and M. Shepherd.

Referee – Colin Watt.

Corner Bar: S. McCormack, D. McKenzie Jnr (Lorne), J. Myles, D. Bruce, T. Strannock, B. Russell, K. Lavery, J. Riddell, N. Guthrie, S. Kerr, M. Elder, J. Culley, W. Henderson, G. Finnie, C. Bruce, D. Riddell, L. Tait and P. Guthrie.

Referee – Mike Elder.

Fisherman’s: R. Torrie, C. Low, L. Wilson, C. Ross, J. Davies, G. McGuigan, K. Swankie, D. Cook, C. Cameron, R. Baker, A. Whitton, D. Cooper, G. McKenzie, N. McHardy, J. Tough (Snr), G. McRae, M. Farquarson and B. Beattie.

Referee – Rikki Baker.

West Port Bar: C. Paterson, G. Strannock, S. Guthrie, J. Hajda, B. Geddes, S. Simpson, P. Gibson, W. Kidd, S. Lavery, W. Radunski, J. Bell, K. Watt, W. Crosbie, G. Dunsmore, M. Gray, G. Will, M. Cook, J. Ross and S. Forsyth.

Referee – Bobby Geddes.

Station Bar: M. Angus, S. Berrie, H. Gray, A. McEwan, J. Stirling, I. Forsyth, G. Findlay, G. Walls, A. Soutar, W. Low, J. Cockburn, A. Bruce, W. Whitson, S. Robertson, D. Falconer, G. Whyte, D. Anderson, I. McAllan and C. Simpson.

Referee – Alan Soutar.

Portcullis: R. Menmuir, A. Culley, J. Gillan, S. Cook, M. Jones, D. Kelly, A. Wood, B. Dall, I. McGurk, G. Duncan, J. Tasker, A. Findlay, I. Christie, D. Air, G. Soutar, M. Wilkie, N. Wight, I. McKenzie and A. Begg.

Referee – Michael Jones.

Cup results

Knock-out Cup final: first leg result - Burns Bar (2) 4, Fishermans (2) 9.

Consolation Cup: semi-final result - Cliffburn (1) 10, Lorne 3.

Top performers: 180 scorers – C. Watt (x 2).

High checkouts: 112 – R. Crosbie.

Low legs: 14 darts – A. Soutar; 16 darts – B. Beattie, B. Beattie and A. Soutar (double); 17 darts – A. Soutar.

Summer League

Summer League Registration forms are now available to pick up from behind the bar in the Abbey.

Summer League start date is proposed as Monday, June 4.

Arbroath Masters

The qualifying round for the Arbroath Masters 2012 took place at the weekend and the five players to qualify for the tournament this summer were Paul Fairnington, Jim Smith, Phil Gibson, Jock Beattie and Ryan Cobb.

Super League

There is Angus Men’s Super League action again tonight (Friday) when Arbroath B are at home to Brechin and Arbroath A are away to Montrose. Arbroath A players should meet in the Fisherman’s for bus pick up at 7 p.m. Cost of bus is £6 per person.

British Internationals

Arbroath darts player Alan Soutar is on international duty this weekend as he looks to earn his sixth and seventh caps for Scotland against England and Wales at Llanelli, Wales.

Scotland plays Wales on Saturday and England on Sunday.

Arbroath and district Ladies’ Darts League

(sponsored by Arkive)

LAST 16 of the singles competition to be played in St Tam’s on Thursday, April 19.

for 7.45 p.m. Play down to last four.