Arbroath’s Graham Dunbar claims Perth Open title

NINE Arbroath players took part in the Perth Open on Saturday (out of total of 34 entries) and one of them, Graham Dunbar, claimed the title and £150 prize money by beating Dundee’s John Pollock 7-1 in a one-sided final.

To get there he had to beat a few notable players including Jimmy Pollock (4-2) in the last 32, Tam Walkinshaw (5-1) in the last 16, Tam Smith (5-4) in the quarter-finals and Steve Webster in the semis (6-3).

Although the turnout from Perth was low, the quality of the field was still decent and the longer races provided a good test of ability. As Arbroath had provided just under a third of the entries, some head-to-head clashes with Arbroath players were inevitable but didn’t detract from the enjoyment of the day away.

Thanks were extended to Lee Marshall of Perth Pool League for organising and running the event and for Riley’s for playing host.

Both Arbroath and District Pool League divisions head to the finish line with everything to play for.

In Division One, Rams Heid (2) are top by a single point and next week have to travel away to second placed Abbey (1) in what is effectively the title-decider.

In Division Two, any one of four teams can win. Legion (1) and Portcullis (3) are equal top, but Ship Inn are only a point behind. Fishermans have an outside chance but require other results to go their way.

Next week Portcullis (3) host Ship Inn in another big head-to-head with Legion (1) facing a tricky away tie to Burns Bar (2).

Division One

Results: Portcullis (2) 5, Portcullis (1) 7; Burns Bar (1) 7, Newgate 5; Ram’s Heid (1) 6, Legion (3) 6; Ram’s Heid (2) 7, Railway Inn (1) 5; Stag 3, Abbey (1) 9; Letham Hotel (1) 12, Pageant 0.

Fixtures: Newgate V Portcullis (2); Legion (3) V Burns Bar (1); Railway Inn (1) V Ram’s Heid (1); Abbey (1) V Ram’s Heid (2); Pageant V Stag; Portcullis (1) V Letham (1).

Division Two

Results: Abbey (2) 0, Fishermans 12; Bowlers 2, Station 10; Legion (2) 12, Victoria Bar 0; Ship Inn 12, Letham Hotel (2) 0; Legion (1) 5, Portcullis (3) 7; Railway Inn (2) 5, Burns Bar (2) 7.

Fixtures: Station V Abbey (2); Victoria Bar V Bowlers; Letham (2) V Legion (2); Portcullis (3) V Ship Inn; Burns Bar (2) V Legion (1); Fishermans V Railway Inn (2).

Kelbie Metals Doubles

The last 16 for the Arbroath and District Pool League Kelbie Metals Doubles competition are as follows.

They will be played next Wednesday (April 20).

Burns Bar: Neil Davidson/Stuart Fraser; Jeff Barthorpe/Lindsay Palser; Steve Webster/Davie Williams*; Gordon Taylor/Colin McPherson.

Portcullis: Davy Jack/Colin Brown; Alan Scott/Steve Hardwick*; Sean Hardwick/Ryan McKenzie; John Maud/Sam McWalter.

Legion: Gary McLeish/Tam Walkinshaw; Mark Gray/Kevin Hardie; Greg Alexander/Gordon Dickson; Michael Bastow*/Lee Strachan.

Ram’s Heid: Gordon Smith*/Stuart Smith; Jonathon Cargill/Graham Dunbar; Chris Smith/Kenny McPherson; Colin Smith/Kris Cameron.

* Denotes controller who should ‘phone the results into the usual pool mobile at the end of the ties. Each venue will provide two qualifying pairs. Format is best of five frames. Lag the first frame only then alternative breaks. Referees will be in place for all ties and winners will referee the next match.

IM #1

Results for the SPA Individual Membership (IM) #1 are as follows:

Final qualifying ties: Steve Hamilton beat Steve Webster, 6-4; Colin Brown beat George Fairweather, 6-2.

Steve Hamilton, Colin Brown, Graham Dunbar and Greg Alexander have qualified for the finals of IM #1 which is being played at Hustlers in Rosyth at the weekend.

The qualifying rounds for IM#2 can commence any time as per the attached draw.

Results and fixtures are as follows:

Round one: Colin Smith lost to Steve Hardwick, 6-5.

Fixtures: Steve Hamilton v Steve Webster; Jonathon Cargill v Gordon Dickson; Mark Crozier v Stuart Campbell; Watty Preston v Scott MacEwan; Euan Sharpe v Paul Kelly; Martin Cherry v Kent Mitchell; Brian Craig v Roy Middleton; Sean Hardwick v George Fairweather; John Maud v Kenny McMillan; Gareth Ruxton v Michael Bastow.

Round two: Paddy Nicoll v Richard Patterson.

Deadlines for completion of each round are: round one ties to be completed by no later than Sunday, May 1; round two ties to be completed by no later than Sunday, May 15; final qualifying ties to be completed by no later than Sunday, June 5.

Results to be ‘phoned or texted to Graham Dunbar.

Willie McCartney competition

Arbroath have received a magnificent 13 qualifiers for the grand finals of the Scottish Pool Association Willie McCartney competition, making it the second highest representation in Scotland.

The draw is listed in 13 sections and the first five will only have two matches to qualify. The other eight sections have a prelim and then two other matches to qualify.

Draw and results so far are as follows:

Section one: match one - Neil Walker v Ricky Dewars; match two - Dave Smith v Gareth Ruxton.

Section two: match one - Sean Hardwick v Craig Humphries; match two - Walter Preston v Duncan Low.

Section three: match one - Richard Patterson v Steve Hardwick; match two - Dave McFarlane v John Maud.

Section four: match one - Sandy McAllan v Euan Sharpe; match two - Garry Mitchell v Gordon Smith.

Section five: match one - Brian Craig v Bobby Bell; match two - Gavin Cargill v Steve Hallam.

In sections one to five the winner of match one will play the winner of match two to qualify.

Section six: match one - Craig Dawson v Stuart MacDonald; Scott Ord, bye; match two - Dale Leith v Drew Webster; match three - Scott Ord v winner match two.

Section seven: match one - Garry Duff v Jimmy Dear; Colin Smith, bye; match two - Jimmy Balfour v Grant Forsyth; match three - Colin Smith v winner match two.

Section eight: match one - Mitchell Longmuir v George Fairweather; Chris Gray, bye; match two - Steve Webster v Richard Ainsley; match three - Chris Gray v winner match two.

Section nine: match one - Jim Falconer v Michael Bastow; Davie Williams, bye; match two - Mark Crozier 1, Davy Jack 6; match three - Davie Williams v Davy Jack.

Section 10: match one - Scott MacEwan v Jonathon Cargill; Mark Donald, bye; match two - Ian Anderson v Martin Cherry; match three - Mark Donald v winner match two.

Section 11: match one - Steve Reid v Craig Brown; Scott Teviotdale, bye; match two - Gordon Dickson v Paddy Nicoll; match three - Scott Teviotdale v winner match two.

Section 12: match one - Tam Comrie v Ryan MacKenzie; Stuart Smith, bye; match two - Steve Hamilton v Tom Dye; match three - Stuart Smith v winner match two.

Section 13: match one - Craig Fairweather v Neil Davidson; Graham Dunbar, bye; match two - Andy Braid v Roy Middleton; match three - Graham Dunbar v winner match two.

In sections six to 13, the winner of match one will play the winner of match three to qualify.

All matches will be arranged between the players themselves at a neutral venue. If players cannot agree, the committee will set a time/date for the game to be played.

Format will be same as last year, best of 11 frames, race to six.

Due to delays by the SPA and the fact there is a high number of entries, matches need to be completed as soon as possible.The following deadlines apply:

For those players who have an extra prelim (listed as match two in sections six to 13, they must be completed by no later than Sunday, April 24. All match one and match three ties are to be completed by no later than Sunday, May 8. Final qualifier matches to be completed by no later than Sunday, May 22 (finals weekend).

This will allow players two weeks to organise one match at a time which is more than ample.

All results to be texted or ‘phoned in to the usual pool mobile.

The finals are being played over the weekend of May 28 and 29. While it is appreciated that some players have entered this competition without checking their diaries, players should be aware if they beat an opponent and then do not go onto the grand final, they have effectively wasted the opportunity for another ‘grassroots’ players to experience the unique atmosphere these events generate so everyone is asked to consider that when scheduling matches.