Arbroath angler leads ‘Fish of the Month’

AFTER being in the doldrums for a week or two, the fishing at Rescobie Loch is picking up again. There have been some really good evening rises and top of the water sport is good with the fish keen to take the dry fly.

Some anglers have had to resort to lures but the Dunkeld, Shiphams, Diawl Bach, Kate McLaren and a variety of buzzers have been doing well.

The leader board for Gow’s Fish of the Month is changing almost daily. G. Burnet, Arbroath, had one at 7lbs in his four for 22lbs, D. Nicoll, Arbroath, recorded one at 8lbs in his three for 12lbs, A. Paterson, Brechin, landed one at 9lbs in his four for 21lbs, G. Smith, Arbroath, had one at 8lb 8ozs in his four for 16lbs and G. Austin, Erroll, landed one at 7lb 8ozs.

Leading the field at the moment is R. Smith, Arbroath, who recorded one at 9lb 12ozs in his bag of four for 16lbs 4ozs.

Some recent bank successes were: D. Dakers, Forfar, three for 8lb 8ozs; R. Beedie, Brechin, four for 12lbs; A. Patullo, Forfar, four for 8lbs; R. Fraser, Letham, four for 10lb 8ozs; J. Campbell, Brechin, four for 12lb 9ozs; G. Patullo, Forfar, four for 7lb 12ozs; and S. Lawrence, Arbroath, four for 9lb 12ozs.

From the boats: S. Ferrier, Arbroath, four for 11lbs; D. Birse, Forfar, four for 8lbs; A. Davidson, Forfar, four for 9lbs; J. Yule, Kirriemuir, four for 11lb 4ozs; A. Fyall, Arbroath, four for 10lbs; S, Henderson, Dundee, four for 14lbs; A. Murray, Monifieth, four for 7lb 8ozs; S. Reith, Arbroath, four for 7lb 12ozs; and J. Shepherd, Forfar, four for 8lbs.