Angling at Rescobie

THE FISH at Rescobie Loch are presently feeding just under the surface and are keen to chase the fly.

They are not so keen on actually taking as many anglers have reported seeing huge bow waves following their retrieve only to turn away at the last moment. Frustrating but exciting stuff!

Small traditional flies are doing well but it may take a while to find the preferred colour. There are no particular hot spots as fish are being taken from all parts of the loch.

R. Smith (Arbroath) held out to take ‘Gow’s Fish of the Month’ for July with his 9lbs 12oz rainbow and presently on the leaderboard for August is W. Johnston (Blairgowrie) with one at 9lb 8oz.

Some nice brown trout have scome off recently including A. Wood (Forfar) 5lbs 8oz, A. Burnett (Arbroath) 5lb 8oz and S. Morrison (Arbroath) 6lbs pluss a rainbow of 8lb 8oz on the same session. Some other decent rainbows were C. Munro (Forfar) 6lbs, G. Alexander (I’gowrie) 6lbs 7oz and S. Thomson (Arbroath) 7lbs 8oz.

Some recent bank successes were: G. Hawkins (Arbroath) four for 10lbs 8oz, R. Beedie (Brechin) four for 9lbs, E. Whyte (Tayport) J. Campbell (Brechin) four for 11lbs 9oz, A. Burnett (Arbroath) four for 10lbs 8oz, F. Keith (Dundee) four for 9lbs 12oz and D. Nicoll (Arbroath) four for 12lbs.

From the boats: S. Langley (Montrose ) four for 10lbs 8oz, R. McLaren (Perth) four for 9lbs, N. Anderson (Forfar) four for 8lbs 4os, J. Malloch (Letham) four for 9lbs 12oz, G. Southam (Brechin) four for 9lbs, J. Yule (Kirrie) four for 10lbs 8oz, L. Dickson (Montrose) four for 10lbs, I. Goodlet (Forfar) four for 9lbs 10oz, J. Henderson (Montrose) four for 9lbs 12oz and D. Milne (Arbroath) four for 11lbs.