All the winners from the Indoor Bowling Club

THE FULL list of winners of Arbroath and District Bowling Club competitions for the season is as follows.

Junior League - 1, Kieran Ross; 2, Caitlan Waddilove; 3, Stuart Farmer. Junior Section Pairs - 1, Kyale Ross and Caitlan Waddilove; 2, Peter Ney and Kieran Ross.

Junior Section Singles, The Burnett Trophy - 1, Kieran Ross; 2, Peter Ney.

National Two-Bowl Pairs - 1, David McGill and Andy Furye; 2, Jim Glen and Ryan Burnett. Ladies’ National Two-Bowl Pairs - 1, Hilda Martin and Eleanor Anderson; 2, Leanne Furye and Caroline Ruxton. Ladies’ Evening Pairs League - 1, Leanne Furye and Caroline Ruxton; 2, Sheila Geddes and Mary Thoms. Gents’ Evening pairs League - 1, Colin Smith and Andy Furye; 2, Ian Bowen and Glen Milne.

Gents’ Evening Triples League, Francis Edward Southgate Memorial Trophy - 1, Peter Thomson, Paul Carnegie and Darren Burnett; 2, Scott Sibley, David McGill and Andy Furye. Ladies’ Evening Triples League, Reid and Mackay Rosebowl - 1, Margaret Burnett, Betty McIntyre and Anne Easton; 2, Trixie McKay, Maureen Ferguson and Hilda Martin.

Senior Gents’ Nominated Fours, Ian Gardner Memorial Cup - 1, Sandy Steele, Ian Croll, Ken Stephen and Ken Moir; 2, Ron Smith, George Gilmore, Gilbert Martin and Dave Robertson. Mixed Pairs, Edradour Trophy - 1, Leanne Furye and Ryan Burnett; 2, Maureen Ferguson and Sandy Smith.

Colin Wilbourn Senior Gents’ League, Colin Wilbourn Senior League Cup - 1, Hugh Furye, Peter Brodie, Dave Strachan and Dave Martin; 2, Gilbert Martin, George Gilmour, Jim Glen and Jack Clarke. Ladies’ Evening Fours League, Fay Spink Memorial Trophy - 1, Marion Wilson, Mary Barrie, Pat Smith and Davina Peattie; 2, Pat Conway, June Webster, Eleanor Anderson and Janette Wilson.

Ladies’ Championship Triples, The Matthew Rosebowl -1, Margaret Burnett, Susan Christie and Trixie McKay; 2, Janette Wilson, Carol Clark and Mabel Main. Ladies’ Championship Fours, The Mutch Trophy - 1, Margaret Robertson, Sylvia Simpson, Janie Williamson and Julie Gilbert; 2, Rena Robb, Violet Keillor, Irene Farquhar and Janet Carr.

Open Pairs League, Northesk Trophy - 1, Jim Glen and Dave Strachan; 2, Trixie McKay and Sheila Geddes. Mixed Triples League, Panmure Rosebowl - 1, Margaret Burnett, Doug Farquharson and Ryan Burnett; 2, Caroline Ruxton, Scott Pirie and Andy Furye. Mixed Fours League, Glenisla Trophy - 1, Mary Thoms, Caroline Ruxton, David Henderson and Mike McWalter; 2, Trixie McKay, Anne Easton, Paul Carnegie and Ryan Burnett.

Ladies’ Club League, Glenesk Trophy - 1, Davina Peattie, June Webster, Eleanor Anderson and Mabel Main; 2, Mary Thoms, Mary Burnett, Trixie McKay and Kathleen Gordon. Ladies’ Open League, Glenclova Trophy - 1, Rena Robb, Violet Keillor, Jannie Williamson and Janet Carr; 2, Carol Clark, Sheena Urquhart, Sheila Geddes and Gladys Reid. Gents’ Club League, Glenlethnot Trophy - 1, Doug Farquharson, Paul Carnegie, Ryan Burnett and Darren Burnett; 2, Hugh Furye, Colin Smith, David Henderson and Andy Furye.

Senior Mixed Triples League, Ken Lownie Memorial Trophy - 1, Derry Milne’s team; 2, Jim Arthur’s team. Jarvis Ruxton Open Pairs League, Jarvis Ruxton Memorial Trophy - 1, Ally Gray and Trixie McKay; 2, Maureen Smith and Susan Christie. Gents’ SIBA Pairs, The Spink-Burnett Trophy - 1, Doug Farquharson and Paul Carnegie; 2, Ally Pirie and Scott Sibley. Gents’ SIBA Triples, The Gallowden Rosebowl - 1, David McGill, Ryan Burnett and Andy Furye; 2, Derek Beattie, Ian Ritchie and Mac Andrews. Gents’ SIBA Fours, The Millar Trophy - 1, David McGill, Ryan Burnett, Andy Furye and Darren Burnett; 2, Derek Beattie, Ray Ritchie, Ian Ritchie and Mac Andrews.

Married Pairs, Provost Spink Trophy - 1, Neil Clark and Carol Clark; 2, Margaret Robertson and Dave Robertson. Senior Gents’ Pairs, Aberbrothock Trophy - 1, Jack Christie and Eric Milne; 2, Hugh Furye and Dave Martin ; Senior Gents’ Triples, Lordburn Trophy - 1, Jim Robbie, Hugh Furye and Dave Martin; 2, Jack Christie, Harry Burnett and Eric Milne. Senior Gents’ League, Glenogil Trophy - 1, Hugh Furye, Peter Brodie, David Strachan and Dave Martin; 2, William Johnston, Charlie Stewart, Dave Duncan and John Hogg. Ladies’ Championship Pairs, Thornton Trophy - 1, Mary Thoms and Kathleen Gordon; 2, Hilda Martin and Eleanor Anderson.

Premier League, The Conochan Trophy - D. Burnett, R. Burnett, D. Farquharson, P. Carnegie, P. Thomson and F.R. Milne. Gents’ Open League, Glenprosen Trophy - 1, H. Furye, C. Smith, M. McWalter and A. Furye; 2, S. Sibley, A. Laing, D. McGill and S. Pirie. Ladies’ National Fours - 1, L. Furye, M. Wilson, T. McKay and C. Ruxton; 2, M. Robertson, P. Smith, S. Simpson and J. Gilbert. Ladies’ National Triples - 1, H. Martin, E. Anderson and M. Ferguson; 2, L. Furye, T. McKay and C. Ruxton. Ladies’ National Pairs - 1, C. Clark and S. Geddes; 2, D. Peattie and M. Main.

Ladies’ National Singles - Caroline Ruxton; 2, Susan Christie. SIBA Junior Singles, Jim Beattie Memorial Trophy -1, Colin Smith; 2, L. Waddilove. Senior Gents’ Singles, J.D. Crowe Trophy - 1, Jim Glen; 2, Dave Strachan. Ladies’ Championship Singles, Angus Rosebowl - 1, M. Thoms; 2, H. Martin. Gents’ SIBA Singles, Angus Trophy - 1, Ryan Burnett; 2, D. Henderson.