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Arbroath Academy (2) 2, Forfar (1) 2

ARBROATH Academy Badminton Club opened the new season on Tuesday evening with a gents’ second team fixture against Forfar (1).

They lined up with Steve Duncan, Grant Cargill, Julian MacLean and TzeBonn Chan. It is back to matches being played at home venues this season and this match was played at the Arbroath Academy games hall.

Cargill and Duncan took the first set easily against Webster and Wilson, with the Forfar pairing struggling to keep the shuttle in the court. The second set saw a fast start from the Forfar pair and although Academy fought back to close the gap they had left it too late and lost the second set 16-21.

In the second game Chan and MacLean also started well and they took the first set 21-12 before the Forfar pairing of Anderson and Henderson fought back to take a close second set. After two close games the score was 0-0 after the first round of games.

Academy were able to edge ahead when Cargill and Duncan won a close first set against Anderson and Henderson before taking the second set in short time after starting well. However, Forfar (1) soon levelled again with Webster and Wilson winning two close sets against Chan and MacLean. After two rounds of games the scores were now level at 1-1.

For the final games Chan would now play with Duncan and they had a tough game against Henderson and Webster, losing 9-21, 13-21. This meant that Cargill and MacLean had to win to force the draw and after giving away a massive lead they won the first set 22-20 before again edging out the Forfar pairing of Anderson and Wilson 21-18 in the final set of the night.

Scores were: Cargill and Duncan drew With Webster and Wilson, 21-10, 16-21; Cargill and Duncan beat Anderson and Henderson, 21-18, 21-9; Chan and MacLean lost to Webster and Wilson, 16-21, 18-21; Chan and MacLean drew with Anderson and Henderson, 21-12, 17-21; Chan and Duncan lost to Henderson and Webster, 9-21, 13-21; Cargill and MacLean beat Anderson and Wilson, 22-20, 21-18.

This was an excellent game to start the season for both teams with no team ever able to get the upper hand for any length of time. Grant Cargill won the most sets on the night for the home team but had great support from his partners in what was a strong team effort.