96 throw their hat in the ring

ANOTHER modern record was set for the third tournament in a row in this year’s Arbroath and District Pool League calendar. A total of 96 entries were received for this year’s Tayside Singles competition which will be played at the Cliffburn Hotel tomorrow (Saturday).

Due to the number of entries a preliminary round of 32 matches is required. The winners of each match will go on to form the last 64 of the event. There is a two-tiered sign in time on the day to facilitate the prelims. All those involved in a preliminary tie must be signed in at the venue at 9.30 a.m. Those who have received a bye into the last 64 must be signed in for 12 noon.

The draw is as follows:

Preliminary round - 1, Paul Curran v Frankie Falconer; 2, Lee Marshall, bye; 3, Gordon Smith v Wayne Green; 4, Dean Anderson, bye; 5, Gary Stewart v Alan Doyle; 6, Ryan Fleming, bye; 7, John McHugh v Mark Crozier; 8, Jonathan Cargill, bye; 9, Marc Fleming v Brian Craig; 10, Colin Smith, bye.

11, Tam Shepherd v Vytautas Susinskas; 12, Dave McFarlane, bye; 13, David Jack v Stuart Smith; 14, Steve Reilly, bye; 15, Ricky Dewars v Stuart Fraser; 16, Andy Mowatt, bye; 17, Willie Hallet v Dave Garvie; 18, Billy Anderson, bye; 19, Iain Soutar v Paddy Nicoll; 20, Ian Anderson, bye. 21, Dale Leith v Davie Glen; 22, Colin Brown v bye; 23, Garry Mitchell v Darryl Bain; 24, Gary McLeish, bye; 25, Kenny Niven v John Pollock; 26, Andy Wares, bye; 27, Mark Donald v Mark Duncan; 28, Dougie McKenzie, bye; 29, Paul Duncan v Craig Fairweather; 30, Josh Brannan, bye.

31, Kevin Brown v Richard Paterson; 32, John Maud, bye; 33, Derek McKeith v Jimmy Pollock; 34, Steve Selvey, bye; 35, Phil Bowman v Scott Wylie; 36, Ryan Tenbruck, bye; 37, Sandy McAllan v Roy Middleton; 38, Norrie Miller, bye; 39, Tam Walkinshaw v Andy Jolly; 40, Kyle Scott, bye.

41, Nomie Braes v Michael Bastow; 42, Neil Davidson, bye; 43, Stewart Kerr v Martin Cherry; 44, Steve Hamilton, bye; 45, Davie Williams v Dean Smith; 46, Kenny McMillan, bye; 47, Christian Watt v Graham Dunbar; 48, Scott Dunbar, bye; 49, Ross Pettie v Andy Braid; 50, Eric Lowson, bye.

51, Alan Reid v Chloe Moore; 52, Jim Falconer, bye; 53, Brook Wood v Gordon McArthur; 54, Kent Mitchell, bye; 55, Graeme Anderson v Steve Reid; 56, Steve Hallam, bye; 57, Steve Rofail v Greig Soutar; 58, Steve Webster, bye; 59, Chris Gray v Calum Menzies; 60, Jamie Lamb, bye.

61, Bob Whitelaw v Jimmy Young; 62, Barrie Watt, bye; 63, Walter Preston v Duncan Low; 64, Alex Whyte, bye.

Last 64 - winner match 1 v winner match 2 and so on.

SPA Super 11s

The squads for the upcoming SPA Superleague 11s events have been chosen by the selection committee which comprised Gordon Smith, Davie Williams and Graham Dunbar.

Travelling to Craig Tara on March 9, 10 and 11 are:

A team - Gordon Smith, captain; Graham Dunbar, Steve Webster, George Fairweather, Stuart Smith, Jonathan Cargill, Greg Alexander, Dave McFarlane, Gordon Dickson, Steve Hallam, Garry Mitchell and Paddy Nicoll.

B team - Roy Middleton, captain; John Fotheringham, Tam Walkinshaw, Kenny McMillan, Barrie Watt, Ian Anderson, Kent Mitchell, Andy Braid, Scott Strachan, Steve Hardwick, Gareth Ruxton and Dale Leith,

Travelling to Pettycur Bay on March 16, 17 and 18 are:

B1 team - Michael Bastow, captain; Sandy McAllan, Brian Craig, Sean Hardwick, Drew Webster, John Maud, Lindsay Palser, Mark Crozier, Steve Hamilton, Walter Preston, Steve Reid and Richard Paterson.

B2 team - Jim Falconer, captain; George McKiddie, Jeff Barthorpe, Richard Crowder, Grant Forsyth, Craig Fairweather, Scott MacEwan, Craig Humphreys, Ryan MacKenzie, Colin Smith, Gavin Cargill and Kris Cameron.

Those players who have been selected should note that the accommodation fee (£36) is due no later than February 1.

Because of the large number of players who put their name forward the selectors were given a tough selection process. Those not selected will be placed on to a reserve list and should there be any drop-outs between now and both events may be invited to join one of the squads.

Scotch Doubles

The interest in the Arbroath and District Pool League Scotch Doubles event has not been as strong as anticipated and to date there has been only 27 entries. On that basis each pair has automatically qualified for the Scotch Doubles finals on Saturday, January 28, at the Portcullis. Sign in for 11 a.m.

It is hoped the entries can be boosted to 32 before the finals and therefore entries are welcome up to and including the finals or until the entries reach 32, whichever comes first. Entry is £4 per pair. Those interested should contact the match secretary on the pool mobile.

Grassroots competition

The Scottish Pool Association has announced the entry deadline for this year’s Scottish Grassroots, Willie McCartney competition. It is the SPA meeting on March 4.

The event is run in a similar fashion to the IMs and Scottish Singles with the SPA carrying out the draw and then the players arranging matches between themselves at a time/venue etc that suits both players. These matches will be best of 11 frames.

The number of qualifiers to the national finals is determined on a pro-rata basis once all entries are received. The more entries Arbroath has, the higher the number of qualifiers the town will receive. As a guide, there were 60 entries last year and Arbroath received 13 qualifiers’ places.

The national finals will be held at the Red Triangle, Cumbernauld over the weekend of May 26 and 27. Entry remains at £5 per player. The SPA has added an additional £500 to the prize pot above all entries.

The deadline for Arbroath entries is Friday, March 2, to allow collation for the SPA meeting on the Sunday.

Arbroath & District Pool League

Sidey Division One

Results: Portcullis (3) 5, Legion (1) 7; Burns Bar (1) 7, Letham (1) 5; Fishermans (2) 5, Portcullis (1) 7; Ram’s Heid (2) 11, Portcullis (2) 1; Legion (3) 7, Railway Inn (1) 5; Cliffburn (1) 9, Ram’s Heid (1) 3.

Fixtures: Railway Inn (1) v Burns Bar (1); Ram’s Heid (1) v Fishermans (2); Letham (1) v Legion (3); Portcullis (1) v Portcullis (3); Portcullis (2) v Cliffburn (1); Legion (1) v Ram’s Heid (2).

Division Two

Results: Railway Inn (2) 7, Burns Bar (2) 5; Pageant 7, Cliffburn (2) 5; Letham (2) 7, Fishermans (1) 5; Legion (2) 4, St Tams 8; West Port 7, Stag 5; Bowlers 1, Station 11.

Fixtures: Bowlers v Legion (2); Cliffburn (2) v Letham (2); St Tams v Pageant; Stag v Railway Inn (2); Fishermans (1) v Station; Burns Bar (2) v West Port.