27th annual Smokies 10 race

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Arbroath Footers Running Club hosted the 27th Smokies 10 Mile Ladies’ Road Race last Sunday.

A headstrong wind on the first half of the race made the hills even more challenging. 251 women finished the race and the winner was Gillian Sangster of Dundee Road Runners in 1.05.17.

First Footer was Tracy Paterson in 1.17.11. Other Footers’ times were:; Lisa Lawrence 1.17.59; Jagoda Penkala 1.20.38; Pamela Brandie 1.21.17; Rhona Lawrie 1.27.53; Gail Trayner 1.27.53; Tina Fowler 1.30.28; Christine Davies 1.30.48; Mary Towns 1.31.41; Linsey Burnett 1.32.21; Cherise Whamond 1.33.11; Susan Ruark 1.36.34; Fiona Robb 1.37.50; Natalie Burgess 1.42.02; Lynn Hastie 1.43.35, Linda Nicol 1.44.22; Emma Milton 1.51.15; Jayne McKay 1.51.16; Suzanne Blair 1.51.16 and Gayle Stirling 1.53.37.

Thanks were extended to Veolia whose kind donation paid for the bottled water and bananas in the goody bags.