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A TOTAL of 30 players from Arbroath have entered the Individual Membership (IM) competition for 2013. This is a Scottish Pool Association run series where the players play each other in local qualifiers to compete at the national finals for each event.

This year there are seven events, played throughout the year. The players have already noted they are looking forward to each event and the challenges that await them in each event.

The draw for the Arbroath 2013 IM first qualifier is as follows:

Section one

Round one: match one - Garry Mitchell lost to Steve Reid 6-4; match two - Richard Paterson lost to Tam Walkingshaw 6-5; match three - Michael Bastow v Steve Webster; match four - Andy Braid v Davie Williams.

Round two: match five - Steve Reid v Tam Walkingshaw; match six - winner match three v winner match four.

Round three: match seven - winner match five v winner match six.

Qualifier - winner match seven.

Section two

Round one: match one - Greg Alexander v Steve Hamilton; match two - Ricky Dewars v Colin Smith; match three - Ian Anderson beat John Maud, 6-5; match four - Kris Cameron lost to Scott MacEwan, 6-3.

Round two: match five - winner match one v winner match two; match six: -Ian Anderson v Scott MacEwan.

Round three: match seven - winner match five v winner match six.

Qualifier - winner match seven.

Section three

Round one: match one - Paddy Nicoll, bye; match two - Jonathan Cargill beat Mark Donald 6-2; match three - Roy Middleton v Jim Dear; match four - Wayne Green v Gary McLeish.

Round two: match five - Paddy Nicoll v Jonathan Cargill; match six - winner match three v winner match four.

Round three: match seven - winner match five v winner match six.

Qualifier: winner match seven.

Section four

Round one: match one - Graham Dunbar, bye; match two - Jeff Barthorpe v Brian Craig; match three - Martin Cherry v Alex Whyte; match four - Jamie Robertson v Gordon Smith.

Round two: match five - Graham Dunbar v winner match two; match six - winner match three v winner match four.

Round three: match seven - winner match five v winner match six.

Qualifier - winner match seven.

Deadline Dates

The IM number one finals are to be held over the weekend of February 23/24 at Styx, Kirkcaldy.

The SPA need the Arbroath qualifiers seven days in advance of the final, therefore the local deadline will be Friday, February 15, to have all qualifying ties completed.

Therefore, the deadlines for this event are as follows:

Matches one, two, three and four must be played by Friday, January 18: matches five and six are to be completed by Friday, February 1; and all match sevens must be completed by Friday, February 15.

Matches are best of 11 frames, lag first frame only. Players to arrange matches with each other at a venue and time which suits both players. If you have any problems arranging fixtures get in touch with match secretary, Michael Bastow, as soon as possible. Winners to text or ‘phone result to the match secretary upon completion of each match.

Arbroath and District Pool League

Division One

Fixtures: Abbey v Portcullis 2; Cliffburn 1 v Legion 1; Newgate v Ram’s Heid 2; Portcullis 1 v Station 1; Railway 1 v Letham 1; Ram’s Heid 1 v Stag.

Division Two

Fixtures: Bowlers v Cliffburn 2; Fishermans v West Port 1; Legion 2 v St Tam’s; Letham 2 v Portcullis 3; Station 2 v Legion 3; West Port 2 v Railway 2.

Committee meeting

There will be a committee meeting in the Royal British Legion Scotland clubrooms on Monday at 7.30 p.m. Full committee attendance is requested.

Tayside Singles

It is Dundee’s turn to host the Tayside Singles this year and the deadline for entries is Tuesday, January 22, at 8 p.m. to allow the draw to be carried out in advance. The tournament will be held on Saturday, January 26, at the Old Mill, Dundee.

Dependent on entries, it is hoped that races will begin with best of five. The sign in time will be 10.30 a.m. Entry fee remains at £5 per player. Michael Bastow will be collating the Arbroath entries and these must be handed into the Ram’s Heid for his attention or handed to him in person.

SPA Super 11s

Players who wish to represent Arbroath at the Scottish Pool Association (SPA) Super 11s events in March are asked to contact any committee member.

Players can also post their interest on the relevant thread on the pool website at However, in a change from previous years, players are being asked for a commitment to these events and as such a £20 non-refundable deposit is required. If you are subsequently not selected for any of the teams you will get your money refunded. If a player withdraws after being selected then they will lose their deposit.

Players should note the SPA has increased the accommodation fees to £40 per player.

The deadline for expression of interest is Tuesday, January 22. Players must also note that in committing to being selected they can be selected for a team that may travel to Craig Tara on March 8, 9 and 10 2013 or Pettycur Bay on March 15, 16 and 17. The teams will be selected the following night with the remainder of the fees due no later than Tuesday, February 5.

Anyone with any questions should contact the match secretary, Michael Bastow.

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