Juvenile Football rules, okay?

Occasionally one comes across a real gem of a find at the back of a dusty drawer, and so it was with the Rule Book of the Angus Juvenile Football Association, 1952-53.

It contains lists of teams that are but distant memories, and the names of secretaries, presidents etc., some of whom have familiar names - and at least one had a street named after him!

The constitution’s rules include that the annual subscription was 7/6d - that’s 37.5 pence. This princely sum had to be paid “on or before date of A.G.M. This rule will be strictly adhered to.”

The A.G.M., incidentally, was held at Dundee and Arbroath alternately, prior to the Scottish A.G.M.

Financial precautions included rules regarding gate money in cup ties, which was to be divided equally between the two competing clubs (after deduction of referee’s tariff). It was to be “counted that night by the secretary and two members of the committee, or in the absence of the secretary by three members of the committee.

Rule 8 stated: “All Accounts above Five Pounds shall be brought before General Committee for approval.”

Rule 17: “Professional referees are not eligible to sit on this, or Recognised Association Committees.”

Canny with money

In cup finals or semi-finals, a club could claim expenses: “Fifteen 3rd Class Rail Fares, or Bus Fares where available, may be claimed.

Referees’ tariffs for cup games were clearly set down. “Preliminary Ties, 8/- [40p] and cheapest route available. Semi-finals, 10/- and cheapest route available. Linesman 5/-.

“Finals, 12/6 and cheapest route available. Linesmen 7/6.”

There was an inference that linesmen had to make their own way to the grounds, whether by train, bus or bicycle.

Fines would be imposed, mostly of 1/6 [7.5p] for offences such as being responsible for a game starting late; but this was doubled if a club’s representative was not present at the Association’s monthly meeting.

Clubs’ secretaries and team colours

Ashgrove - W. Watt, Iona Street, Dundee, Black and gold hoops.

Arbroath Youth Club - W.C. Walker, Rossie Street, Arbroath. Dark Blue.

Arbroath Cliffburn - no details printed. There are also omissions in some of the other clubs’ details.

Brechin Thistle - J.K. Love, Queen’s Park, Brechin. Green and white stripes.

Builders United - C. Masterton, St Mary’s Place, Dundee.

Butterburn Youth Club. Maroon.

Carnoustie Juveniles - J. Leeman, Taymouth Terrace, Carnoustie. Green and 
gold hoops.

Craighall - Dundee. Black and white.

Craigie Celtic - Jas. Hunt, Craighall Place, Dundee. Green and white hoops.

Elliot Albion - A. Hughs, Iona Street, Dundee.

Fintry Hibs - T.P. Hynd, Finavon Place, Dundee. Green and white hoops.

Forfar Central - S. Oakley, Market Place, Forfar. Green and white stripes.

Forfar Hawthorn - G. Hewitt, Graham Crescent, Forfar. Navy and gold hoops.

Forfar North End - Jas. McIntosh, c/o Wellbraehead. Red and white hoops.

Friockheim Thistle - Andy Munro, Guthrie Street, Friockheim. Blue and red hoops.

Gellatly Street Youth Club - J. Kelly, Wedderburn Street, Dundee. Red.

Invercalley - W. Wilkie, Linton Road, Arbroath. Light Blue.

Kirriemuir Harp - H. Stewart, Glengate, Kirriemuir. Green and white hoops.

Lochee Hibs - P. Hogan, Whorterbank, Dundee. Green.

Lochee United - D. Mitchell, Hospital Street, Dundee, Dark blue.

Maitland Thistle - D. Inglis, Longtown Terrace, Dundee. White.

Maryfield United - J. McCarle, Logie Street, Dundee. Maroon and amber.

Parkhead - J. Duncan, Links Cottages, Broughty Ferry. Blue and white.

St John’s FP - J. Grace, Kirkton Avenue, Dundee. Blue and white hoops.

St Joseph’s C.Y.M.S. - T. McGovern, Milnbank Road, Dundee. Green and white hoops.

St Patrick’s - J. MacConnachie, Beauly Crescent, Dundee. Green and white hoops.

Milndale - J. Johnston, Glenmarkie Terrace, Dundee.

Marrayatt United - O. Murdoch, Kinloch Street, Dundee.

Monifieth Tayside - J. Cumming, North Bank Street, Monifieth.

Shamrock - J. Mulvey, 145 Lochee Road, Dundee.


Most of the list of referees had Dundee addresses, but those from Angus were D. Black, T. Wyllie, A. Hannah and F. Balharry, Arbroath; and from Letham J. Litterick, Idvies Hill.


Businesses advertising in the rule book were: The Roods Bar, Kirriemuir, Prop.: W, Johnston, Phone 
145 Kirriemuir.

Charles Kerr, Sports Outfitters, The Cross, Forfar, ‘Phone 147.

Hunter & Nelson, Motor Engineers and Bus Proprietors, Victoria Garage, Union Street East, Arbroath.

W. & D. Alexander (Arthur Gibson), Printers and Stationers, 39 High Street, Brechin. Phone 328.

Strathmartine Tavern (Mrs J. Laverock), 62 Provost Road, Dundee. “One Minute from Dens Park”

A.& R. Lamb’s, Sports Outfitters, 118, 119 and 121 Overgate, Dundee. Telephone 5563.

Whyte’s Bar, 5 Wellgate, Dundee. Prop. W.S. Whyte. ‘Phone 5369.

The rule book also contains details of the Arbroath and District Juvenile Football Association, which takes a different line on subscriptions. Compared to the Angus sub it was a massive £3.5s [£3.25], but “£3 to be refunded on completion 
of fixtures”.

Rules are generally broadly similar to Angus Association’s, although “referees allowed 2/6 [12.5p] for tea if unable to get transport from Kirriemuir to Forfar 
by 6 p.m.

Life Members

Life membership conferred between 1935 and 1951 was conferred to the following, who were presumably the surviving life members, any other status having disqualified them: D. Grieve, D. Whitton, W.N.L. Herron, S.D. Cameron, J. McGurk, J. McIntosh, D.M. Ritchie, J. Litterick, W.C. Walker, James Black, G.A. Anderson, A. Munro, J. Leeman, W. Wilkie and J.K. Love.

Dundee Rules

The rules of the Dundee and District Juvenile Football League and Cup Association are also printed in the book - the Associations were very much working together.

Rule 16 states: “Team lines must be made out in ink or indelible pencil, and the printed sheets issued by the Association only shall be used. Clubs infringing Rule will be fined 1/6 for each offence. This breach of Rule does not form grounds 
for Protest.”

One of the most interesting rules is from the section dealing with the Arbroath Association: “2. That all Clubs joining this League agree to take no legal proceedings against it with regard to its decisions.”

One wonders how well that would stand up nowadays to a team of sharp-eyed lawyers!