VIDEO: McManus makes it two for two

Paul McManus showed true Lichtie spirit today (Saturday) as he continually plugged away to help secure his side’s second league victory.

Arbroath came away winners following their 1-0 defeat of Albion Rovers in a game that might have gone either way at certain points throughout the game.

Front and centre with Bobby Linn taking the fight to the Wee Rovers was the tireless Paul McManus who is rapidly making a name for himself this season as a hitman after notching up his second goal in two games.

Albion failed to take advantage of a powerful wind assist in the first half and Arbroath battled well to keep them at bay.

The Lichties found their second wind, so to speak, after the break and really piled on the attacks, with McManus eventually making good in the 66th minute with a beautifully clean shot into the back of the net.

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