Unwelcome five in a row for Vics

ARBROATH Vics were without a match for the fifth successive Saturday when their league fixture at home to Blairgowrie was postponed, despite the fact Ogilvy Park was playable.

The match was originally down to be played at Blairgowrie, but with Davie Park still not in fit shape for a game, it was decided to switch to Arbroath as early as Monday.

Despite the torrential rain of the previous few days, Ogilvy Park was in almost perfect condition with no water lying on, or below, the surface. Indeed at 9 a.m. the match was given the go ahead to take place and Vics had the park lined and nets up ready for the kick-off.

However at 11 a.m., Vics were informed by East Region secretary, John Reilly that he was postponing the match having taken into account the projected weather warning and the health and safety aspects of Blairgowrie having to travel in roads severely affected by flooding.

In the end it proved the correct decision as the one match in Tayside, which did start at Scone, was abandoned at half-time due to the torrential rain and gloom, which made it impossible for it to be completed.

Vics will be hoping for the weather to relent this Saturday when Forfar Albion are due to check in at Ogilvy Park for what will be the last league match of 2012. Should the match go ahead, the kick-off is at 1.30 p.m.