Spiders crawl ahead after Lichties lose

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Queens Park smashed home a goal in the second minute to set the tone for a tough battle against the League leaders.

Shaun Fraser tapped in a goal in the 67th second giving the visitors an immediate advantage.

However, the Lichties refused to let the early goal put a dampner on the already soggy conditions, taking heed from gaffer, Allan Moore and fought hard to regain control.

Pressure came hard and fast from the Spiders but the home side drove forward creating numerous opportunities on goal.

Adam Hunter’s first effort from a distance, was ill placed as it trundled past the post.

McManus shot a robust ball to Linn in the 28th minute but Queens Park ‘keeper William Muir got his hands behind it.

Linn continued to look dangerous throughout the first half under continued strain from the lively opposition but the Lichties wavered, making it too easy for Queens Park to get into the hazard zone.

Half-time score remained at 1-0 to the visitors but a morale boosting dressing room talk seemed to rejuvenate the home side as they came out full of attack in the second half.

Murray showed his determination throughout, putting effort in to each play but was pulled in the 59th minute to be replaced by Kevin Buchan.

The Lichties dominated the play taking control and enjoying plenty of possession during the first 20 mins of the second half.

No sooner had Queens Park put Kevin Fotheringham on the pitch had he scored a belter straight past Morrison to take the visitors 2-0 ahead.

Arbroath’s Jack Smith replaced Ricky Little in the 73rd minute. Proving it was a sensible move, he crossed the ball to McManus who nodded it past Muir to put the Lichties on the scoreboard.

Despite continued pressure on the Spiders in the dying minutes of the match, the home team’s gallant efforts failed to bring them an equaliser leaving the final score at 2-1 to Queens Park.

Moore said: ““It was far from a disappointing performance. We just didn’t have the cutting edge that we’ve been demonstrating. Performance wise, we dominated the game from start to finish.

“We went a little bit bold and took our defender off and put another striker on to win the game instead of draw it.

“Now we just have to march on and win the other seven games!”