signings swell squad strength

New signing Jack Smith
New signing Jack Smith

There’s not a Lichtie fan in sight that won’t be chuffed at the opening season results as Arbroath FC roll into their derby against Montrose with a scoresheet to be proud of.

Moore’s approach to pre-season training seems to have done the trick. Setting up matches against more skilled teams with better cohesion has given the Maroons the fire and desire to attack fast and hard.

The defence has tightened significantly since Kevin Nicoll stepped into the centre, plugging the chink in Arbroath’s armour.

As you may have seen from the Queens Park match, the Lichties have signed youngster, Jack Smith.

Doubling their winning score in the dying minutes Smith has certainly made a memorable first impression.

Arbroath have also signed 22-year-old Scottish defender, Jordan Lowden.

Jordan previously played for Oakleigh Cannons in Australia. He also played at Waitakere United who were New Zealand Premier League champions and was with the Celtic youth set up. The Club just await the international clearance coming through, which should hopefully be in time for Saturday’s Montrose game.

Club news

The Club are hopeful of producing a programme for this Saturday’s match against Montrose.

Avenues are being explored to try and produce it for the cheapest way possible to see if it can be viable.

With sales only generally in the 40 to 50 mark for a normal game, not enough income is coming in and it is running at a loss each issue. Unless this can be significantly improved then the club will have to go down the same route as several other Clubs and stop issuing them. It was noted on Saturday that Queens Park no longer sell programmes and issue an internet based one. On the day, there was a free single sheet with Queens Park news. This is along similar lines to the revamped team line that was done for the Albion Rovers game.

dundee derby comes to gayfield

Thanks to a deal between Arbroath and Dundee FC a special development team derby will be played at Gayfield next week.

On Tuesday evening at 7 p.m. the Under 20s development squads from Dundee FC and Dundee United FC will clash. Adding spice to the mixture is the rule allowing five over-age players, including those from the first team, to take to the field alongside the youngsters on Tuesday night.

Dundee FC season tickets are valid for this game, and under 16s can get in for free. For everybody else the price on the door is £2.