Sheerin’s transfer headache

ARBROATH manager Paul Sheerin has admitted progress is slow in pulling together a squad for the new campaign, writes Jennifer Newton.

On board so far are only Mark Baxter, Stuart Malcolm and Lee Sibanda, who have signed new deals to remain at Gayfield.

The boss explained he had been chasing a few players who have since gone to other clubs but is confident he can still bring in the right people.

He told HeraldSport: “It is a bit of a nightmare at the moment because progress is a lot slower than what I would have hoped.

“We’ve lost out on a couple of targets due to being out priced although it seems boys are being offered more to play in a higher division which is understandable.

“I had been trying to bring Bobby Linn into the club but I wasn’t able to and that was a blow.

“He has joined Ballingry Rovers so to be outpriced by them is pretty scary.

“But we will get there and I am hoping to tie up another couple of deals over the next week or so.”

So far the only confirmed friendly will be a clash against SPL club Aberdeen on July 14 at Gayfield but Mr Sheerin says he hopes to add to that list very soon.

He added: “We have a couple of things up in the air at the moment but we are hoping to face Cove Rangers in our first friendly on July 7.

“We are just trying to get things confirmed and organise more games.”