Savour the occasion says chairman

John Christison with the Third Division trophy. Attention is focused on the Scottish Cup today.
John Christison with the Third Division trophy. Attention is focused on the Scottish Cup today.

ARBROATH chairman John Christison has visited many grounds in Scotland during his time at Gayfield.

But tomorrow’s (Saturday) trip to Parkhead to play Celtic in the Scottish Cup, will be a first for him.

The only time the chairman has seen an Arbroath team play at the home of the Scottish champions was in the Reserve League Cup in the 1989/1990 season.

So tomorrow’s clash is one he is very much looking forward to.

Mr Christison said: “We are all delighted with getting Celtic.

“And now we can think thank god for getting that draw at Inverurie and getting that number in the draw.

“The only time I have seen an Arbroath team at Parkhead was in the Reserve League Cup.

“So it is going to be 
a fantastic day, especially 
for the fans as these games don’t come around that 

“We will have had Celtic and Rangers both in 
2012, which has been tremendous.

Around 850 tickets for tomorrow’s clash and six buses will be running to Parkhead from Gayfield.

The chairman added: 
“We are delighted with the amount of tickets we have sold.

“There will be six buses from the club and I know of another three buses from other places going.

“So we should have a sizeable crowd of folk going through.

“When we initially spoke to Celtic they said they would give us 800 tickets with some being restricted view.

“But when we received them, a lot more were restricted view.

“We did ask if the tickets could be moved, but we were told that is the section for visiting fans and they would not be moved.

“So unfortunately it is out if our control.”

But now Mr Christison is hopeful everybody will savour the occasion.

He explained: “It is 
a slick well oiled machine 
at Parkhead so I’m sure they will look after us and everybody will enjoy their day.

“And who knows, Celtic beat Barcelona a few weeks ago so, who knows maybe we can sneak a result.”