No room for error, says boss

Former Lichtie Stuart Malcolm  does his best to block Paul McManus' shot as 'keeper Ross Salmond dives forward.
Former Lichtie Stuart Malcolm does his best to block Paul McManus' shot as 'keeper Ross Salmond dives forward.

Boss Allan Moore will be hoping that some of Saturday’s lessons have been taken onboard as Arbroath prepare to face Alloa in the Petrofac Cup.

They have a mixed bag of results under their belt so far and the Lichties will be hoping to prove a point against Scottish Championship side Alloa Athletic.

But for Mr Moore he knows where his side’s flaws lie and is doing his best to crack down on it following their 3-3 draw against Forfar at the weekend.

He said: “It was a good second half showing, a really good second half showing.

“We know as we’ve said before that this team can score goals, but we’ve conceded three again which is the disappointing thing, and that’s what I’ve said to them in there.

“It’s something that they know that we are trying to drum into them and we’ve got to make sure we get it right at home in the cup.”

Mr Moore continued: “We’ve got to work harder as a team not to concede, we can’t just blame the back four, the goalkeeper or whatever, we’ve got to work as a team to stop losing goals. It’s wee individual errors that are costing us.

“The first one we’ve just not dealt with a ball out of the defence and it’s straight through the middle.

“I’m disappointed with the last minute goal, because I felt up to then we defended really well and in the second half they didn’t have any chances whatsoever and we had four or five going the other way. And that’s the disappointing thing because with a minute to go it’s snatched the victory from us.”

It was Forfar who opened the scoring with Dale Hilson netting just 20 minutes in to put one past Scott Morrison.

It took the Lichties a good 10 minutes to return fire convincingly, but some good passing play and a little ingenuity put Forfar on to the back foot.

In the 33rd minute Bobby Linn barged down the centre to equalise and then five minutes after that pulled the Maroons ahead with a lightning strike from far outside the box.

Omar Kader took advantage of the celebrations and slipped through an inattentive Arbroath to level the score.

In the second half Paul McManus was able to make up for a slew of missed chances and a solid punt down the line gave the hosts the advantage.

With the clock ticking and victory imminent a melee in the Arbroath box saw the ball ricochet of an arm and into the net with Chris Templeman taking the credit for bringing Forfar equal.

Despite both sides making good use of their subs and a number of trialists neither side was able to break the deadlock and the friendly ended a draw.

Attendance: 403

Teams: Arbroath - Scott Morrison, Michael Travis (Andy Blacks 66), Johnny Lindsay (Craig Johnstone 87), Trialist, Ricky Little, Kevin Nicoll, Bobby Linn (Chris Scott 73), Trialist (Mark Whately 82), Paul McManus (Simon Murray 59), Trialist (Jack Smith 59), Scott McBride. Not used: Connor Birse and Keiran McWalter. Booked: None.

Forfar Athletic - Robert Douglas (Ross Salmond 45), Mark Baxter (Darren Dodds 45), Trialist (Trialist 45), Michael Dunlop, Stuart Malcolm, James Dale (Trialist 45), Omar Kader (Chris Templeman 62), Derek Young (Liam Keillor 62), Dale Hilson (Paul McLellan 82), Gavin Swankie and Danny Denholm (Craig Smith 65). Booked: None.