No case for the defence: Moore

Kevin Buchan goes in for a lofty tackle against East Stirlingshire on Saturday.
Kevin Buchan goes in for a lofty tackle against East Stirlingshire on Saturday.

The Maroons may have taken the lead late in the 11th hour but they clocked up a catalogue of frustrations for manager Allan Moore.

“We made it really hard for ourselves,” he said. “We were too comfortable in the first half affording them chances and not pushing hard enough.”

The lackadaisical start didn’t affect their efforts in securing a goal but Moore insists it wasn’t good enough. He said: “We got that goal from their mistake and did not take the opportunity to put their goalkeeper under enough pressure.”

Moore is most concerned with the number of goals being chalked up in the against column.

“What it is really going to show is that we give the ball away too much and it is costing us goals.

“It is frustrating. From good performances we are losing too many and it is something I am seriously starting to think about, particularly with the transfer window coming up at the end of the year.”

The Lichties are lucky to have a squad where quality substitutions can be made, bringing on the likes of Paul McManus to seal the deal.

“We make decisions which we hope will make a difference and sometimes substitutions work in your favour,” Moore said.

That’s not to say Lumsden and Moore aren’t aware of the depleting team sheet. Moore said: “We’ve let Michael Wallace go, Crawford is out and Carreiro has returned to Dundee. I am going to be looking seriously at strengthening the squad over the Christmas period. We’re strong up front but I will be looking in particular at strengthening up at the back.

“I need to look at who I’ve got and who I’ve not got for training. It is the just the nature of part-time football, and although most of the boys are off coming up to Christmas it really depends on the job they do.”

Arbroath face Berwick Rangers tomorrow for the first time since the start of the season and after watching them against Albion Rovers, Moore is sure it is going to be a hard one, but is looking to the home advantage to swing another win.

East Fife bus

Arbroath Football Club is making things easier for the travelling support this festive season by laying on a bus for the East Fife game. Hoping for a good turnout of fans, tickets are £10, available for the game at Bayview Stadium on Saturday, December 27.

They are on sale at Gayfield from 9.30 a.m. to 1 p.m. until December 24, and also between 2.30 and 3 p.m. tomorrow (Saturday) at the club. Alternatively call 01241 872157. The bus leaves from Gayfield at 1 p.m. with strictly no alcohol allowed.