Moore prepared the better for AFC

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Preparation is full steam ahead for the new season as new Lichties boss Allan Moore discusses with the Arbroath Herald the trials of building a squad.

The team visited Stirling Albion yesterday to give the gaffer a chance to watch potential players in action.

He said: “We invited quite a few trialists in to have a look at different players and current players in different positions.

“We know we have defensive issues. It wasn’t great last year so we will be concentrating on looking at defensive players at the moment.”

Moore believes in knuckling down and putting in plenty of trainings sessions and practice games to prepare as best they can.

“It is about building up a squad which is difficult with the budget we’ve got. Lots of managers are in the same boat at the moment and the players are basically saying, ‘There’s a pecking order of clubs and Arbroath is not first’.

“You have to be careful and bite your tongue but it is hard to persuade people to come.

“A lot of the players think Perth is far! But to be honest if you want to play football it shouldn’t matter where you are or how far you have to travel.”

The manager is putting in the ground work to demonstrate Arbroath is an attractive option with significant chances for career development. “I am selling the club at the moment. Showing potential players that Arbroath is a great club, they will be looked after and the great facilities that we have access to.”

Yesterday the team met Stirling Albion for a closed-door match to give the new gaffer a chance to watch some trialists.

He laughed: “I don’t know where this notion of closed-door game came from. We are playing on astroturf, which is completely open!

“I am disappointed we are not playing on the grass, we could have controlled attendance then. I would have thought with my history with the club would have had a bit of influence but the pitch may not be ready or it is possibly down to budgeting.”

Arbroath will be at home for the second time during pre-season to face Brora Rangers tomorrow.

Moore added: “I would have been more confident but Brora put in a good show against Rangers so we will have to be aware.”

The boss is also trying to arrange a game against Motherwell to see potential new players get as much exposure and time on the ball as possible. “It’s crucial to be able to judge against different standards of opposition and the Aberdeen match didn’t allow that. Motherwell is a better fit and it will give our boys and trialists time against a different opposition.”