Lumsden dedicates Angus Derby win to Arbroath fans

Photo - Graham H Black
Photo - Graham H Black

Todd Lumsden dedicated last weekend’s 3-1 win over Montrose to the fans after they turned out in force yet again to support Arbroath.

The Lichties cruised to victory against their rivals and Todd said the performance and result made up for the poor display against the Gable Endies earlier in the campaign when his players were well beaten 3-0.

Todd said: “It was a great performance and a great result. It doesn’t matter in a derby if you have the performance so long as you get the result, but some of the stuff we played was brilliant.

“We could have scored a few more, there were a few chances to pull the trigger a bit sooner and there were reminiscences of the Annan game.

“Ramsay’s run for the first goal was just tremendous and he showed great awareness to lay it off for Bobby. All the goals we scored were excellent and we showed a lot of great movement, players running ahead of the ball. They’re excellent team goals.

“The big lad links the play at half way, runs into the box and gets the goal. Greg did well, that’s what you want from your subs and Martin had a terrific shift. It was great to see Gold come on and do well as well, it’s important that your subs can come on and do that.

“We’ll have a chat about a deal. I think the pass is a bit behind him so he’s trying to hook it in and we’re waiting for it to go in. If he doesn’t score it’s a sin because it was a brilliant move.

“I keep telling Bobby to get on the ball and just run with it and see what happens. When he gets the ball he makes things happen. He attracts players to him and he’s got great vision to bring others into the game.

“He’s happy here in terms of the football we’re playing, he’s content and it shows when you’re happy - you play good football.

“I knew we’d score more goals if we matched the workrate again because we know we’ve got the right quality in our front four or five to have a threat.

“The fans turned out in force again and you flip back to the derby in Montrose, this win was for them. The fans were dejected and it makes it up to them.”