Lichties stopper Allan Fleming distraught after Clyde defeat

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Arbroath stopper Allan Fleming was distraught after his side went down to a freak own goal at home to Clyde on Saturday.

Fleming was in superb form for the Lichties and made a series of incredible saves, but they were all for nothing as Lady Luck once again looked kindly on Arbroath’s opponents.

A cross from the right bounced off the back of Craig Watson’s head and looped over the goalie on the line.

Fleming said the players were desolate after the game, but added they’ll keep pushing hard whatever happens.

He said: “We’re absolutely gutted. There’s not a lot in the game. I’ve had a few saves which is what I’m there to do.

“The header’s come off Craig’s head and looped over Andy and myself on the line. That’s how things are going, you can’t legislate for it - it’s so hard to take. It’s very frustrating.”

Allan spoke again of the side’s complete lack of luck that seems to be unshakeable right now.

When the side won five out of six games their luck was undoubtedly in, but now they’re coming off worse on every 50/50 incident - with nothing capturing their bad luck more effectively than the decisive goal on Saturday.

But Fleming added that the side are not even contemplating throwing in the towel on their season, because it just is not something that’s in their nature.

He added: “I’m just gutted. The run is frustrating but I keep going on about it, we’re being unlucky. We just need that wee bit of the rub.

“It’s just the luck, we’re not getting it. Weeks ago on our good run, these things fall for us. It could definitely turn, but we’ve got to keep going. It’s not our nature to throw in the towel, we will keep on going.”

The goalie also said that the team have as good a chance as any of making a late run into the promotion play-offs, because all it takes at this stage is a concerted run of positive results.

He said: “If somebody goes on a run now they’ll get the play-offs, and we’re hoping it’s us. We still believe in ourselves, it’s just fine margins.”

Ricky Little was given a straight red card in the first half and Fleming felt his teammate was unfortunate to receive his marching orders.

He also said that the defender, who he feels has been the club’s player of the season, will be a massive miss however long he’s out for.

Allan added: “Ricky’s unlucky. I thought it was a foul on him to start with, and he’s seen red mist. He’s last man denying the goalscoring opportunity, but I thought he was fouled initially.

“Ricky’s in there gutted, we need him on the park and he’s been player of the season so far. I don’t know how many games he misses but we will miss him.”