Lichties ready to bring the fight back

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A last minute lapse in concentration from the Lichties led to a manager’s nightmare as the visitors dropped two goals in the dying embers of the Galabank tussle on Saturday.

Manager Allan Moore has let time heal his exasperated wounds to reflect on what went wrong against Annan Athletic.

He said: “Players were doing things they shouldn’t have been doing. They were in the wrong positions, changing positions themselves.

“We were out of shape, balls were not running for us and then we let in two stupid goals.

“We shouldn’t have to fight to try and get an equaliser and it doesn’t help that key players are misfiring.”

Arbroath’s dominance of the match made the final result even more frustrating for the team, management and fans. Moore laments the lapsed skills of his front men but refuses to turn his back on them: “I know Simon and Paul are not hitting anything into the back of the net at the moment but we have to stick behind the players that helped get us to the top.

“We need to keep working away. Our performance was really good, we dominated large parts of the game. But obviously you’ve then got to score.

“Previously we were putting those chances away, making life easy for ourselves. But in the Annan game and the last few games, a lack of concentration has backfired on us. We have the players to make it happen.

“We have got to keep plugging away.

“In fairness, I can’t fault the boys for how they played on Saturday. It was a really good performance but we’re just not putting the ball in the back of the net when we should be.

“Saturday was a big improvement from the Berwick game. It is just unfortunate that it ended the way it did.”

Injuries have been the thorn in Moore and assistant coach Todd Lumsden’s side and the return of Scott McBride and Kevin Nicol to training will bring a collective sigh of relief and the necessary competition back to the squad.

Moore’s trademark positivity hasn’t faltered despite the dismal results and he is remaining confident they can turn it around. He said: “We’ve hit a bad patch but we’re still up there.

“The boys know how important it is to get their heads down and work hard. There is no magic formula to it. Just hard work and putting balls in the net.

“The boys have been magnificent up until now. It’s not all doom and gloom and I’m not going to start backstabbing them now. They did well to keep the league lead for so many games. So I am keeping things positive.”

The Lichties need to make the succession of up coming home games count, to pick up the points and get back to the top.

“We’ll take any win,” Moore admitted. “Even if it’s a scrappy 1-0 or 2-0, that’s what we have to do.”