Lichties League position slips after East Fife win at Gayfield

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East Fife kicked off at a grey Gayfield geared up to try and disrupt Arbroath’s winning streak.

An uneventful first half saw chances on goal by Scott McBride starting just two mintues following a Bobby Linn free kick, but with no success.

Possesion was fairly even-handed throughout with both teams putting equal pressure on in the attack, resulting in a 0 - 0 draw at half-time.

Kieran Stewart limped off the pitch with post match reports suggesting he has sustained a thigh injury.

Golden boy Simon Murray came on for Kevin Buchan and Dylan Carreiro, on loan from Dundee, replaced the injured Stewart in an attempt to inject some energy onto the pitch.

East Fife however took the lead in the second half with a close range goal in the 51st minute by Allan Walker, assisted by Nathan Austin putting the visitors on the score sheet.

The Lichties heads dropped and before they good regain their composure East Fife’s Kevin Smith capitalised on an Arbroath slip up 50 yards from the box and sent a powerful ball whistling past Crawford into the top left corner.

As the haar descended so did Arbroath’s chances of maintaining their 100% record.

The full time score left with zero on the scoreboard and East Fife with a well deserved 2.