Lichties focus on positive attitude

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The boys in Maroon walked away without the points again on Saturday after East Fife netted two opportunistic goals.

Manager Allan Moore called a 45 minute changing room conclave to identify what’s going wrong.

“We really needed to chat with the players. It is not a blame game. We’re trying to get to the bottom of it.

“We know the main issue is we’re losing goals at vital stages of the game. That’s been the team’s problem for the second half of the season.

“We were playing some good football again on Saturday and large parts of the game was dominated by us but the main issue is we are losing goals at vital stages of the game.”

Albion Rovers nicked an early goal in the match last Wednesday and East Fife also shocked Arbroath with the first goal on Saturday.

With only one win out of 12 league matches Moore is tackling the players’ mindset as well as their physical training.

He said: “Psychologically we’re trying to get their heads correct for the next one tomorrow.

“We do have a positive mindset and what we’ve got to remember is teams such as East Stirlingshire had a poor start of the season and they’ve came strong now.

“If that had been us and we had not started so well and developed through the season the fans and the chairman would be loving us. But we started so well and it has the opposite effect on our support.

“Todd and I started this season with six players on board and we gathered a team quickly and got into a really good position but it can’t always been rosy and there is no use in constantly picking faults.

“I understand the fans are frustrated but we’ve got to remain positive with the players.

“That is why we sat with them for so long after the East Fife game. We wanted to get their opinion on what the issues are and make sure we are on the same wavelength.

“We’re trying to flip that on its head for the players. Although it may be difficult to win the league now, we’re still in the position to get our form back and do well.

“At vital times individual error has cost us dearly but we have got to stick together and get back on a good run to get into the playoffs.”

Moore is making a last ditch attempt to focus on getting goals and is contemplating some changes at the front.

He suggested: “We are going to maybe look at changing things up front. I know fans get worried when we swap out Simon Murray and Paul McManus but they have had plenty of chances to score and are just not making it.

“It may be about time to give the boys that have bided their time, a chance. It could be the perfect opportunity for the likes of Jack Smith and Kevin Buchan.

“We’ve got six games left and we’ve got to make sure that we’re in each one. Maintaining negativity in the camp is no good.”