Lichties counting on supporters for empty cans

ARBROATH FC fans and the local community are being urged to pitch in and do their bit to score a share of cash for their club’s youth team as IRN-BRU and the Scottish Football League unveiled a £70,000 investment to help fund the future development of Scottish football.

The IRN-BRU Cans for Youth Teams initiative will award each of the 30 clubs in the Scottish Football League (SFL) a share of £70,000 – the more IRN-BRU cans collected, the larger the share they will receive.

Cans for Youth Teams collection bins will be placed at Gayfield and participating local stores and key venues, making it easy for members of the public out shopping or fans attending a game to drop in their used cans of IRN-BRU. Fans have until May 5 to collect for their club.

Martin Steele, senior brand manager for IRN-BRU, commented: “The passion fans have for the future of Scottish football is something we share at IRN-BRU and that’s why we’re investing in developing the players of tomorrow.

“Whether you’re involved in your local club, you know a rising football star or you just want to support your community, you can do your bit.

“So instead of throwing your can away, put it to good use - drink it, crush it and score it.”

David Longmuir, chief executive for the SFL, added: “Youth development is a priority for all SFL teams.

“Year on year more resources are being placed on developing and nurturing the incredible young talent we have here in Scotland.

“IRN-BRU’s £70,000 investment in Cans for Youth Teams will help clubs throughout all three divisions provide better equipment, training facilities and improved coaching.

“I urge all football fans to help their local club by supporting the campaign and dropping off their empty cans in the IRN-BRU bins.”

Supporters can follow Arbroath’s progress this year through the Cans for Youth Teams League Table which will be available online at

The final league table will be unveiled at the IRN-BRU SFL Phenomenal End of Season Awards due to take place on May 23.