Knock-out result in Dundee for local boxers

Arbroath Boxing Club had another ‘knock-out’ result on Thursday.

Welterweight Max Butterworth was in winning form when he took part in a show promoted by St. Francis ABC in the Dundee FC Social Club.

James Mather, St Francis, provided the spirited opposition in an explosive exciting contest. Mather came out all guns blazing, firing in fast two-fisted attacks.

Butterworth, showing immense composure, slipped out of range and fired back with stinging left jabs and right crosses, rocking Mather’s head back with the power and accuracy of his punching. A crunching right hook to the head rattled Mather, the bell saving him from further damage.

In round two Butterworth was in complete control, slipping Mather’s desperate attacks and landing at will on his inrushing game opponent. A crisp right upper-cut followed by a hard left -hook brought a standing count against Mather. Bravely he tried to turn things around but Butterworth kept up the pressure, bringing another count with a thumping combination.

Butterworth was in complete control in the third, landing at will. After another blistering combination the referee rightly stopped the contest.